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Danish National Chamber Orchestra

Per Morten Abrahamsen

For more than 70 years a wealth of musical genres have passed through the hands of the musicians of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, and the foundation, the bearing element of the ensemble, has always been their overarching love of music. And so it continues today, as the orchestra constantly explores new musical aspects of itself, while at the same time delving deeper and deeper into the great classical repertoire. For more than ten years the chief conductor has been Adam Fischer. With him the ensemble embarked on an era that has prompted the reviewers to proclaim the 42 musicians ‘Denmark’s Mozart orchestra’. Over a period of years the Danish National Chamber Orchestra has performed and recorded, first, Mozart’s opera seria works, a total of five major operas, and has then gone on to record all of Mozart’s symphonies. In 2012 the recording of Beethoven’s symphonies began. And of course Adam Fischer has remained the conductor throughout this vast project. Indeed today the ensemble is Denmark’s only professional chamber orchestra, a status that has been further enhanced by a string of concerts where the orchestra plays without a conductor and with soloists from its own ranks. On the ‘rhythmic’ front, too, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra has worked for many years across traditional musical boundaries. Outstanding examples of this can be seen every year at the major DR Castle Concerts, where the orchestra unfurls a symphonic carpet beneath the leading rock and pop bands of the day. Most recently the Danish National Chamber Orchestra has involved young Danish soloists and groups in the collaboration. Along with Under Byen, Efterklang, Choirs of Young Believers and recently Tina Dickow, the orchestra has experimented with integrating the symphonic world into the musical language of rock. Music productions for TV series and children’s programmes, film and theatre projects, tours and CD recordings are all major contributions from the Danish National Chamber Orchestra to Danish cultural life.