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Capella Hafniensis

Rune Hansen
The vocal ensemble Capella Hafniensis was founded in 1990 on the initiative of the musicologist and church musician Ole Kongsted. Capella Hafniensis is the most highly specialized early music ensemble in the Nordic countries, and the only professional vocal ensemble in Denmark that works exclusively with Renaissance music from northern Europe. It has a core of eight singers which can be expanded as required. The unique repertoire of the ensemble – based on the results of research done in recent years on northern European musical history in the sixteenth century – consists primarily of sacred and court music from Denmark and the Baltic area c. 1515 – c. 1620. Among the most important sources from this area and this time that have been identified in recent years are the Flensburg Collection, 25 unique items from c. 1570 – c. 1600, including the Kronborg Motets (1582) and the collection Musica Nuptialis (1590). This material and much more – among other things works by a number of Danish Kapellmeister in the 1500s – have been rediscovered over the past ten years or so and placed in their proper context by Ole Kongsted, who on behalf of the ensemble took the initiative in 2000 to collaborate with The Royal Library in Copenhagen in establishing the music publishing house Capella Hafniensis Editions. A plan for the publication of a total of 46 booklets with the ensemble’s repertoire has been established, of which three booklets have appeared so far.