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Format:  CD

Catalogue Number:  8.226566

Barcode:  636943656624

Release month:  Jan 2012

Period:  21st Century


Wayne Siegel: Terra

30 April 2012  American Record Guide
Kraig Lamper

Wayne Siegel uses the human voice as a playground for digital manipulation in Terra. The simple, subtle opening with low vowel sounds is soon mixed with transformations of the mezzo-soprano’s voice into low pedals and swirling atmosphere. The second, quicker section, uses the spoken phrase “Did you change the channel?” to create electronic cannons and percussive sounds out of the voice. The dissipating loops eventually wash out in a sea of commotion, and the third section ushers in a return to a slow dirge. The human voice is meshed with a church bell which creates a very fascinating sound behind the chromatic melody. Bloopers, music for the ballet Fraklip, begins with the terrible sounds of a VCR with extremely poor tracking playing an 80s movie. The warbling mess is quickly pushed away by percussion, synthesizer, and fast-forwarded voice recordings. Tempo changes occur often and the piece traverses several styles as well, but it sounds mostly like it would accompany a montage in a comedic horror movie made in the 80s. Rosewood Afternoon sets the listener adrift among echoing guitar motives. It is an ambient, peaceful work concerned primarily with echoes.

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