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Format:  CD

Catalogue Number:  8.226068

Barcode:  636943606827

Release month:  Feb 2012

Period:  Late 20th Century


Ib Nørholm: Tavole per Orfeo

01 July 2012  American Record Guide

This program of works for soprano and guitar by Ib Norholm shows humor, grace, passion, and excellent craft. Per Palsson's guitar playing is precise and colorful, and Else Torp's voice is beautiful and controlled. Stilleliv (Still Life), from 1968, is a set of five songs for soprano, guitar, and percussion with texts by Poul Borum. They are crystalline and witty, especially the fourth song, which begins with the voice sotto voce and ends with an instrumental dialog between the guitar and the percussion.Blomster fra den Danske Poesis Flora (Flowers from the Flora of Danish Poetry) is a collection of eight folk-like songs based on well-known Danish poems by various poets. It was originally written in 1966 for piano and voice, and Per Palsson arranged them for guitar and voice for this performance. They are clever and good natured, and extremely well constructed.

Tavole per Orfeo (Tablets for Orpheus) is a chamber drama from 1967-69, a dialog between Eurydice and Orpheus; the wordless part of Orpheus is performed by the guitarist. Norholm writes an angular vocal line, but it sounds neither artificial nor abstract in this context. The third song, ‘Eurydice Mocking the Rocks Dancing to Orpheus's Song', is especially interesting: it begins with strange percussive sounds, performed by the soprano (with percussion instruments), then mocking vocal declamations that go perfectly with the title of song.

Whispers of Heavenly Death, from 1987, is from a text by Walt Whitman. A "nocturne for soprano and guitar", it is a beautiful, dark, rhapsodic musing on death.

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