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Format:  SACD

Catalogue Number:  6.220641-42

Barcode:  747313164165

Release month:  Jun 2015

Period:  Early 20th Century



22 January 2016  American Record Guide
John W. Barker

This new recording from DaCapo comes as a welcome fresh start. It is, indeed, a robustly valid replacement for its predecessors. It gives the full score and has a generally excellent cast, taken from the newest generation of Danish singers. Beck slips into some strained sounds as Leonora, but Andersen is just right as the saucy Pernille. Milling is the best Jeronimus since Andersson; and, even better, Reuter is the first Henrik to challenge decisively Hansen’s classic characterization. I miss the clownishness of the earlier Arbs, but Damsgaard is more than just adequate. In sum, here we have the first cast that can generally be taken to replace the best ones of past recordings.

Schonwandt has not always convinced me as a Nielsenite, but he delivers a constantly lively interpretation here. Chorus and orchestra are incontestably authoritative. The sound is superbly vivid. The full libretto is given, with translation. As I have said before, jaded opera lovers, who think there are no new discoveries to be had, should rush to secure this recording while it lasts. It, and the work itself, are irresistible!

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