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Format:  SACD

Catalogue Number:  6.220634

Barcode:  747313163465

Release month:  Feb 2016

Period:  Baroque


Buxtehude and his Circle

01 July 2016  Choir & Organ
David Ponsford
5/5 Stars
Despite recordings, Buxtehude's cantatas are rarely heard. Rarer still are those composers with whom Buxtehude associated: Christian Geist, Nicolaus Bruhns, Franz Tunder and Kasper Förster, whose works for voices and instruments, together with Buxtehude's, are the subjects of this recording. And what marvels they are! A particular discovery for me is Bruhn's De profundis, but all the pieces demonstrate the highest level of craftmanship and are given excellent performances that capture the lively rhetorical spirit of the music admirably. This CD is highly recommended, especially to those fascinated by late 17th-century north German adn Danish music.

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