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Format:  SACD

Catalogue Number:  6.220564

Barcode:  747313156467

Release month:  Nov 2011

Period:  Late Romantic


Horneman: Orchestral Works

28 May 2012  American Record Guide
Steven J. Haller

A much earlier effort of Horneman is the incidental music for Frederik Paludan-Müller’s Kalanus. Hughes and Gustavsson complement each other quite well, and this is music well worth knowing.
Kampen med Muserne (The Contest with the Muses) derives from an over ambitious project of the poet Karl Gjellerup set in ancient Greece. Here again Hughes joins Gustavsson in the remaining suite, starting off with ‘Sunrise’ in the oboe supported by warm strings; a chorus of female voices sounding downright otherworldly with Hughes. Both Hughes and Gustavsson do remarkably well with this music.
Gustavsson is impetuous and has his men playing as if possessed. If you know little Danish music here’s the perfect place to start.

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