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Format:  SACD

Catalogue Number:  6.220537

Barcode:  747313153763

Release month:  Apr 2013



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphonies Vol. 2

01 January 2014  www.ionarts.blogspot.com

Best of 2013 - # 9

Mozart’s early works are, all mindless Mozart-veneration aside, not masterpieces. All the more surprising that Adam Fischer makes so very much of some of the earliest (1767/68) on this second volume in a well-advanced complete cycle (released in seemingly random order). With the Danish National Chamber Orchestra’s extraordinarily spirited playing, Symphonies 6 through 8, K45a (doubtful), and K.45b (“Old Lambach”) are kid’s stuff no longer. With Karl Böhm (Berlin Philharmonic DG), some slow movements rise to notable beauty, but the rest is tame. With Fischer, it’s fun, if not rapturous going throughout.

Comparing to earlier releases of their now complete Mozart Symphony cycle, you can hear how much ensemble and conductor have come to grow into this project, how more self-assured, how much more daring they have become, how much more into their own they have come, how much they have grown to arrive at a functionally-bold Mozart-synthesis. Splendid, nifty liner notes and presentation round off this most enjoyable release.

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