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Indra Rise

The Return

Ingrid Aareskjold, mezzo-soprano
Antra Bigaca, mezzo-soprano
Sergey Fedorenko, accordion
Renars Lacis, alto saxophone
Riga String Quartet
Ilze Urbane, flute
Leons Veldre, cello

Indra Rise, composer, piano

Indra Rise was born and grew up in Latvia, where she trained both as a composer and pianist. Since 1993 she has lived in Denmark. Her music unfolds in a field of tension between her roots in Latvian culture and musical tradition on the one hand and an international, modernist orientation on th other. Indra Rise renounces sophisticated avant-garde resources and concentrates her music on genuine lyrical emotional expression.

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The Return (1997)
For Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Cello and Accordion

I At Home

4:45 Play $1.40

II Tracks in the Dew

3:17 Play $1.40

III In the Heat

3:08 Play $1.40

IV Early Summer

4:12 Play $1.40
Three Coloured Stories (1985)
For Piano Solo

No. 1, White Story

3:44 Play $1.40

No. 2, Brown Story

1:44 Play $1.40

No. 3, Blue Story

2:32 Play $1.40
String Quartet (1991)

I Allegro con fuoco

6:36 Play $2.10

II Andante

4:48 Play $1.40

III Presto

6:11 Play $2.10
Out of the Darkness (1993)
For Alto Saxophone Solo

I Molto rubato

7:56 Play $2.10

II Epilogue

3:23 Play $1.40
Pictures of the Childhood (1996)
For Mezzo-soprano and Electronics

No. 1, The Trip

5:59 Play $2.10

No. 2, Fear

3:26 Play $1.40

No. 3, Lullaby

5:31 Play $2.10
Total playing time  67 minutes

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Recorded at the Latvian Radio Studio, on 16-28 June 1998 and at DIEM, Århus, on 10 September 1998 (Pictures of Childhood)

Recording producers: Jazeps Kulbergs, Vilnis Kundrats and Klaus Petersen
Executive producer: Indra Rise
Sound engineers: Maris Dravnieks and Jens Jakobsen

Cover painting by Agnese Krastenberga

Recording kindly sponsored by KODA's Collective Blank Tape Remuneration

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224142

Barcode: 730099984225

Release month: January 2000

Period: Late 20th Century

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