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Lange-Müller and Heise


Inger Dam-Jensen, soprano
Christen Stubbe Teglbjærg, piano

Peter Arnold Heise, composer
Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller, composer

The songs with piano accompaniment - or the "romance" as it was also called - was the best loved and most widespread musical form in the Danish romantic period of the 19th century. The three greatest song composers are usually reckoned to be C.E.F. Weyse, Peter Heise and P.E. Lange-Müller. Weyse stands for Viennese classicism and the beginnings of the romantic movement. Heise and Lange-Müller represent the peak of that movement. Heise's output in particular is a high point of development of Danish song.

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PETER HEISE (1830-1879)

from Laura's Sange af C. Hauch (1853)


Når svanen drømmende på strømmen bølger (When the Swan Dreaming)

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from Kærlighedssange af Chr. Winther (1855)

No. 1, Vårsang i høst (Springsong in Autumn)

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from Romancer og Sange af Steen Blicher (1866)

No. 6, Den unge lærkes forårssang (Springsong of the young Lark)

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Sommervise (Summersong) (1871)

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from Digte fra Middelalderen, oversatte af Thor Lange (1875)


No. 4, Din fader skal ikke skænde (Your father shall not scold)

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Kærlighedens filosofi (Love's philosophy) (1877)

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Torneroses drømme (The dreams of the Sleeping Beauty) (1878)

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Dyvekes Sange (Dyveke's Songs) (1879)


In Bergen, a: "Skal altid fæste mit hår under hue" (Must always fasten my hair 'neith my cao)

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In Bergen, b: "Ak, hvem der havde en hue med fjer og brokade på" (If only I had a bonnet)

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In Bergen, c: "Hvad vil den mand med kæder på" (What does he want, the man with the chains)

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In Bergen, d: "Vildt, vildt, vildt suser blæsten" (Wild, wild, wild howls the wind)

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På Sjælland, a: "Næppe tør jeg tale" (I dare scarcely speak)

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På Sjælland, b: "Det stiger, det stiger herop" (It rises, It rises, It rises up here)

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På Sjælland, c: "Se, nu er sommeren kommen" (Look, now the summer has come)

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P.E. LANGE-MÜLLER (1850-1926)

Three poems by Vilhelm Bergsøe op. 4 (1875)


No. 1, Lind (The Linden)

3:08 Play $1.40

No. 2, Åkande (Water-Lily)

1:53 Play $1.40

No. 3, Viol (Violet)

0:51 Play $1.40

from Otte Sange af B.S. Ingemann, op. 6, Vol. II (1876)


No. 1, Sulamiths sang i Dronninghaven (Sulamith's song in the Queen's garden)

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from Seks folkeviser op. 18, oversatte af Thor Lange (1882)

No. 4, Skin ud, du klare solskin (Shine out, clear sunshine)

1:08 Play $1.40

No. 6, Piletræet bøjer sig (The willow bends)

2:09 Play $1.40

from "Spanske Studenter" op. 22 (1883)


No. 4, Juanas første sang (Juana's first song)

1:35 Play $1.40

No. 5, Juanas anden sang (Juana's second song)

1:52 Play $1.40

from Otte Folkeviser, oversatte af Thor Lange op. 34 (1888)


No. 8, Hyrden drager sin kappe på (The shepherd pulls on his cape)

2:52 Play $1.40

from Fire Sange af Einar Christiansens "Cosmus" op. 57 (1898)


No. 3, Solen springer ud som en rose (The sun comes out like a rose)

1:00 Play $1.40

No. 4, Jeg synger om en kongesøn (I am singing of a king's son)

3:16 Play $1.40

from Sytten Viser og Sange, oversatte af Thor Lange op. 64, Vol. II (1899)


No. 2, Ak, fagre ejer jeg fingre små (Oh, I own such lovely little fingers)

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No. 6, Tal sagte, unge nattergal (Speak quietly, young nightingale)

1:21 Play $1.40

from Sytten Viser og Sange, oversatte af Thor Lange op. 64, Vol. III (1899)


No. 2, I solen kvidre spurve små (Little birds are twittering in the sun)

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Total playing time  64 minutes

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Recorded at the Danish Radio Concert Hall, on 14-18 November 1996

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Peter Bo Nielsen
Editing engineers: Peter Bo Nielsen og Henrik Sleiborg

This recording has been recorded in cooperation with the Danmarks Radio

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224065

Barcode: 730099976527

Release month: March 1997

Period: Romantic


"Inger Dam-Jensen plaziert sich mit diesem Recital auf Anhieb in vorderster Front kundiger Liedkünstler" (Fono Forum)

Dam-Jensen and her imaginative accompanist Christen Stubbe Teglbjærg, show how superbly Heise wrote for the voice"

"Most likely to become a superstar" (The Sunday Times)

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