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Otto Malling

Works for Organ

Mogens Dahl, conductor
Helge Gramstrup, organ
The Jutland Chamber Choir

Otto Malling, composer

First recording of the Danish fin-de-siècle composer Otto Malling's spontaneous and appeling tone poems for organ on well-known biblical themes. A highly esteemed composer, he was also professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and organist of the Copenhagen Cathedral.

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Paulus. Stemningsbilleder for orgel op. 78 (1903)
Mood pictures for organ

I Paulus raser mod Herrens disciple (Saul rages against the Lord's disciples)

4:57 Play $1.40

II På vejen til Damaskus (On the way to Damascus)

5:07 Play $2.10

III Paulus bliver seende og omvender sig (Saul regains his sight and is converted)

4:43 Play $1.40

IV Paulus forkynder evangeliet og lider forfølgelse (Paul preaches the Gospel and is persecuted)

4:48 Play $1.40

V Folket holder Paulus for en Gud og ofrer til ham (The people consider Paul to be a god and offer sacrifices to him)

4:36 Play $1.40

VI Kærlighedens gave (The gift of love)

3:56 Play $1.40
Frelserens syv Ord på Korset (The Seven Last Words)
Stemningsbilleder for orgel op. 81 (Mood pictures for organ) (1904)

Indledning. Gangen til Gogatha (Introduction. The road to Golgatha)

7:53 Play $2.10

Kjærlighedens ord (Words of love)

7:50 Play $2.10

Lidelsens ord (Words of suffering)

6:26 Play $2.10

Sejrens ord (Words of victory)

6:36 Play $2.10

Epilog med slutkor (Epilogue with final chorus)

5:26 Play $2.10
Total playing time  62 minutes

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Recorded in Sankt Markus Kirke, Århus, in October 1995

Recording producer: Helge Gramstrup
Sound engineer: Claus Bang Thomasen
Editing and mastering: Claus Byrith
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen Leipzig

Cover picture: Joakim Skovgaard: "Dommedagsscene. Kristus i de dødes rige" (1892/95) by courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst

This recording has been supported by the Danish Organists' Association (DOKS)

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224023

Barcode: 0730099972321

Release month: February 1996

Period: Romantic


"These two major organ works are profound and yet immidiately attractive" (Organists' Review)

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