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Musical Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen

Vigga Bro
Odense Symphony Orchestra
Jan Wagner, conductor

Fuzzy, composer
Finn Høffding, composer
Sven Erik Werner, composer

Hans Christian Andersen and music is a large and colourful chapter in the history of Danish and international culture. Even early in Andersen's career Danish and soon also foreign composers vied with one another to set his poems to music and to work his tales into musicodramatic form. This CD presents three contemporary and very different musical readings of Andersen's classics. The shared focus of the composers is their fascination with Andersen's mastery of form and pithy narrative style.

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Det Utroligste (The Most Incredible Thing) (1997)

36:18 Play $6.30
FUZZY (b. 1939)

Konen med Æggene (The Woman with the Eggs) (1992/97)

7:59 Play $2.10
(Orch. arr. by Even Erik Werner)

Det er ganske vist! (It's Perfectly True!)

5:19 Play $2.10
FINN HØFFDING (1899-1997)

Det er ganske vist! (1943)

10:09 Play $2.80
Total playing time  60 minutes

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Recorded at Odense Concert Hall on 4-7 May 1998

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Sound engineers: Michael Petersen and Fuzzy
Publisher: Edition Samfundet

Cover picture: Ib Spang Olsen: "Det er ganske vist!" (1999)

Recording kindly sponsored by the Danish Composers' Society/KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224099

Barcode: 730099979924

Release month: September 1999

Period: Early 20th Century

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