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Ludolf Nielsen

Symphony No. 3

Bamberger Symphoniker
Frank Cramer, conductor

Ludolf Nielsen, composer

Ludolf Nielsen's third and last symphony is one of the greatest Danish works in the Late Romantic style, where Ludolf Nielsen concentrates the essence of his Romantic view of life on the basis of the motto of the work: "I see the world with flower's bedlight, / Know joy requieres a stormy night." The tone picture Hjortholm is ten years younger, and is an example of his tonal ideom from the inter-war years. Both works are first recordings, and show Ludolf Nielsen as a master of orchestral writing.
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Symphony no. 3 in C major op. 22 (1911-13)

I Andante con moto. Poco piu moto

12:03 Play $2.80

II Allegretto agevole

9:49 Play $2.10

III Andante lento, pastorale

15:23 Play $3.50

IV Andante lento. Allegro maestoso

15:59 Play $3.50

"Hjortholm" Symphonic Poem op. 53 (1923)

14:06 Play $2.80
Total playing time  67 minutes

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Recorded at Sinfonie an Regnitz, Bamberg, on 19-23 July 19-23 1999

Recording producer: Bernhard Albrecht
Sound engineer: Stefan Briegel

Cover picture: Theodor Philipsen: "Malkeplads ved Dyrehavegård" (1901), Randers Kunstmuseum

Recording kindly sponsored by Sonning-Fonden, Den Berlingske Fond, Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck's Fond, Familien Hede Nielsen Fond and Den Danske Frimurerorden

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224098

Barcode: 730099979825

Release month: March 2000

Period: Late Romantic

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"It is superb and deeply moving reading that invites a wide audience for this previously unrecorded symphony, and had I to choose just one highlight of this listening year, this it would have to be, by a wide range" (Fanfare)

"In both works Frank Cramer proves once again to be convincing champion for Ludolf Nielsen's unjustly neglected music. Here's hoping this well recorded disc will help earn him an international reputation. (Classics Today) [Read full review]

"Es ist ein grandioses Orchesterwerk, zutiefst romantisch in seiner Empfindungsdelikatesse wie auch in der epischen Anlage, voller weher Melodien, klangsinnlich, dabei klar und sinnfällig strukturiert: wunderbare Alternative zu den längst klassischen Romantikern" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"There is certainly no reason now to stop you from exploring this repertoire, given this superb recording from dacapo, recorded in association with Bavarian Radio ... Perhaps his [Ludolf Nielsen's] time has at last arrived". ***** (Classical Music on the Web)

***** & R (Fono Forum)

"Conductor Cramer leads sensitive and sensible performances. The orchestra plays splendidly, with real feeling for the music" (American Record Guide)

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