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Ludolf Nielsen

Symphony No. 2

Frank Cramer, conductor
Anton Kontra
South Jutland Symphony Orchestra

Ludolf Nielsen, composer

Ludolf Nielsen was one of the leading Danish composers in the first decades of the 20th Century. This recording includes his best-known symphony as well as first recordings of two "Nordic-coloured" works. As a Danish Late Romantic Ludolf Nielsen forms a link between National Romanticism and the many new impressions coming from abroad at the turn of the century.

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Concert Overture in C major op. 13 (1906)

13:49 Play $2.80

Romance for Violin and Orchestra op. 20 (1908)

6:24 Play $2.10
Symphony No. 2 in E major op. 19 (1907-09)

I Andante maetoso - Allegro con brio

13:13 Play $2.80

II Andante con sentimento

8:01 Play $2.10

III Allegro ma non troppo, con spirito

6:28 Play $2.10

IV Lento - Allegro vivace

11:21 Play $2.80
Total playing time  59 minutes

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Recorded at Frihedshallen, Sønderborg, on 26-31 August 26-31 1996

Recording producer: Lars Søgaard
Sound engineers: Clemens Johansen and Niels Flensted

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S (Symphony No. 2)

Cover picture: Theodor Philipsen: "Sorteåen, Meilgård" (1894), courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst

Recording kindly sponsored by Familien Hede Nielsens Fond, Beckett Fonden and Dansk Frimurer Orden

This recording is made in cooperation with Danmarks Radio

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224047

Barcode: 0730099974721

Release month: June 1997

Period: Late Romantic


Ludolf Nielsen’s Orchestration ist meisterhaft, sein Satz von konventioneller Eleganz, aber nicht ohne Tiefe … Die Aufnahmen bezeugen solides Engagement. (Fono Forum)

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