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Ivar Frounberg

Orchestral Works

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
Geir Draugsvoll, accordion
Frans Rasmussen, conductor

Ivar Frounberg, composer

The three works by Ivar Frounberg presented on this CD represent some of his major achievements to date. Combining highly complex computer analyses and processing with a deeprooted faith in the listner's ability to decide for herself, his music is as immediately fascinating as it is sophisticated and ambiguous.

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What did the Sirens Sing, as Ulysses sailed by? (1987-89)

25:16 Play $4.20
For Orchestra

Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden (1988)

9:41 Play $2.10
For Accordion Solo and Orchestra

Multible Forms (1986)

13:33 Play $2.80
For Orchestra and Computer
Total playing time  49 minutes

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Recorded at Musikhuset Aarhus on 12-14 June and 9-10 October 1995

Recording producer: Lars Søgaard
Exectutive producer: Wayne Siegel
Sound engineers: Clemes Johansen and Niels Flensted

Publisher: Edition Samfundet (except "What did the Sirens ...")

Cover picture: Asger Jorn: "Verlust der Mitte" (1958)

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio and DIEM (Danish Institut of Eletroacoustic Music)

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224027

Barcode: 0730099972727

Release month: April 1996

Period: Late 20th Century


"Draugsvoll's playing is impressive and his bellow control admirable; in addition his accordion blends quite well with the orchestra. I believe this CD will be a treasure for contemporary classical connoisseurs" (The Classical Free-Reed)

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