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Hakon Børresen

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Owain Arwel Hughes, conductor

Hakon Børresen, composer

Hakon Børresen lived as a free, creative artist and was very active in Danish musical life. He wrote three symphonies, a number of small orchestral works, chamber music, an a couple of operas of which Den kongelige Gæst (The Royal Guest) - a Danish counterpart to Richard Strauss' conversation operas - became one of the most frequently performed Danish operas.

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Symphony no. 2 in A major op. 7 "The Sea" (1904)

I "Surf" Allegro con brio

13:13 Play $2.80

II "Summer" Molto vivace

8:41 Play $2.10

III "Tragedy" Adagio maestoso

8:40 Play $2.10

IV "Cruising" Poco andante - Allegro con fuoco

11:00 Play $2.80
Symphony no. 3 in C major (1927)

I Andante - Allegro con moto - Piu lento

15:32 Play $3.50

II Adagio

4:41 Play $1.40

III Allegro moderato

2:55 Play $1.40

IV Rondo

11:19 Play $2.80
Total playing time  76 minutes

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Recorded at Symfonien, Aalborg, on 21-26 October 1996

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Niels Larsen
Editing engineers: Jan Oldrup and Henrik Sleiborg

Publisher: Edition Samfundet

Cover picture: Carl Locher: "Skagen Sønderstrand, October after Sunset" (1905) Courtesy by Skagens Museum

dacapo acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support of Komponist Hakon Børresen og hustru Nanna Børresen, født Berg's legat.

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224061

Barcode: 0730099976121

Release month: August 1997

Period: Late Romantic

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