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Edouard Dupuy

Ungdom og Galskab (Youth and Folly)

Guido Paevatalu, baritone
Ulrik Cold, bass
Collegium Musicum Copenhagen
Poul Elming, tenor
Peter Grønlund, tenor
Erik Harbo, tenor
Djina Mai-Mai, soprano
Michael Schønwandt, conductor

Edouard Dupuy, composer

Ungdom og Galskab is a vital classic and the most important Danish Singspiel of its age. Over the years it has been performed innumerable times in the Danish provinces. At the Royal Danish Theatre it was played 322 up to 1963.

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Ungdom og Galskab (Youth and Folly) (1806)
Singspiel in two acts. Libretto: N.T. Bruun after J.N. Bouilly's "Une Folie"

[CD 1]



7:06 Play $2.10

Act 1, No. 1 Duet: Johan, Johan, Johan

5:16 Play $2.10

Act 1, No. 2 Recitative: And Aria: Frisk, for at nå mit mål jeg alt vil vove

5:47 Play $2.10

Act 1, No. 3 Romance: Jeg er endnu i livets vår

4:18 Play $1.40

Act 1, No. 4 Aria: Var du end snu som Fanden

6:15 Play $2.10

Act 1, No. 5 Aria: Godnat, kabaler! Godnat, intriger!

6:12 Play $2.10

Act 1, No. 6 Finale: Jen gad' endnu! Ah, død og plage

8:54 Play $2.10

Act 2, No. 7 Aria: Deres sure, barske mine

6:01 Play $2.10

Act 2, No. 8 Song: Falderi, falderala, røde rose!

4:58 Play $1.40

[CD 2]


Act 2, No. 9 Terzet: Forlad mig, forlad mig!

8:00 Play $2.10

Act 2, No. 10 Duet: Frisk! Alt ma ske i største hast

2:42 Play $1.40

Act 2, No. 11 Drinking Song: Hvis nu mit råd I følge kan

4:54 Play $1.40

Act 2, No. 12 Quartet: Nu velan! Men jeg tror, De bæver

9:45 Play $2.10

Act 2, No. 13 Final Song: Alderdom ej mod ungdom stride

1:36 Play $1.40

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D minor (1814)


I Allegro, ma non troppo

14:42 Play $2.80

II Andante

5:23 Play $2.10

III Rondo

8:53 Play $2.10
Total playing time  111 minutes

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Recorded at the Odd Fellow Concert Hall on 16 and 22-23 December 1996 and 15-16 January 1997

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Sound engineer: Michael Petersen
Editing: Jakob Goetz

Box front cover: "Edourd Dupuy as lieutenant in the King's Volunteers"

dacapo acknowledges, with gratitude, the financiel support of Gangstedfonden, Generalkonsul Einar Høyvalds Fond, Dansk Kapelmesterforening and Dansk Skuespillerforbund

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224066-67

Barcode: 730099976626

Release month: July 1997

Period: Romantic


"The performances could hardly show the work off in a better light ... a charming discovery" (Gramophone)

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