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Dacapo - The National Music Anthology of Denmark

Dietrich Buxtehude

Vocal Music Vol. 2

Johan Reuter, baritone
Richard Campbell, violin
Dufay Collective
Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir Københavns Drengekor
Giles Lewin, viola da gamba
Sharon Lindo, violin
Nicolette Moonen, violin
Ebbe Munk, conductor
Susanne Pell, viola da gamba
Naome Rogers, violin
Peter Skuce, harpsichord

Dietrich Buxtehude, composer

Dietrich Buxtehude (ca. 1637-1707) was one of the chief figures in North German music of his time. Although he never held a position that required him to compose vocal music, he left over 120 vocal works featuring an extremely wide range of texts, scorings, genres, and compositional styles. This second volume of the Naxos re-issue edition of the complete vocal music recorded by Dacapo includes such masterpieces as Alles, was ihr tut, Buxtehude's most popular cantata during his lifetime, and one of the finest examples of the late sacred concerto, the dramatic Fürwahr, er trug unsere Krankheit, an intense and expressive setting of the passion theme which is remarkable for its stark dynamic contrasts and rests.

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Das neugeborne Kindelein, BuxWV 13

7:13 Play $2.10
Chorus, 3 violins, basso continuo

Der Herr ist mit mir, BuxWV 15

8:09 Play $2.10
Chorus, 2 violins, violone, basso continuo

Fürwahr, er trug unsere Krankheit, BuxWV 31

12:32 Play $2.80
Bass, chorus, 2 violins, 2 viola da gamba, violone, basso continuo

Alles was ihr tut, BuxWV 4

14:19 Play $2.80
Bass, chorus, 2 violins, 2 viola da gamba, violone, basso continuo

Magnificat anima mea, BuxWV Anh. 1

8:40 Play $2.10
Chorus, 2 violins, 2 viola da gamba, violone, basso continuo
Total playing time  51 minutes

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Recorded at Vejleå Kirke, Ishøj, 12-14 June 2000

Recording producer: Morten Winding
Sound engineer: Maibritt Sune Andersen

Harpsichord by Rasmus Manley after Elbedo Gregori
Organ by Henk Klop, Netherlands

Cover picture: Jan Breughel d.Æ. (1568-1625) and Pieter van Avont (1600-1632): "Hellig familie i en blomster- og frugtkrans".

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224160

Barcode: 730099986021

Release month: June 2001

Period: Baroque

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Clearly this is a series to watch.
(American Record Guide)

This is a beautiful recording of some of Buxtehude's most interesting vocal works. This composer deserves to be much better known; these works are remarkable in their emotion and feeling.
(Classical Music Web)

Ebbe Munk arbeitet mit seinem Knabenchor und dem Dufay Collective die für Buxtehude charakteristische Spannung zwischen repräsentativen Gesten und tiefer Verinnerlichung sehr gut heraus. So erhalten die Kantaten einen strahlenden Glanz und einen lebhaften Impetus; zugleich sind sie Ausdruck einer sehr aufrichtigen Religiosität. Der Predigtcharakter könnte durch eine klarere Aussprache noch deutlicher werden; ansonsten ist Munks Interpretation vorbildlich
10 (Beste Bewerbung) Klassik Heute

Ebbe Munk leder med fornem stilsans instrumental- og vokalensemblerne (High Fidelity)

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