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5/12/2015 Petri meets Koppel

Anders Koppel og Michala Petri har kendt hinanden siden barndommen, men først nu er de to fælles om en ny CD-indspilning - bundet sammen af Anders' søn Benjamin. Read more

3/27/2015 Release: Ekkozone plays Fundal

Vi markerer udgivelsen af "Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal" i Avenue Hotels lounge onsdag 8. april med remix ved Katrine Ring. Read more

3/12/2015 Look inside: Seeing New Music

Look inside Denise Burt's book "Seeing New Music" Read more

2/27/2015 Seeing New Music - New book by Dacapo's graphic designer

Dacapo's graphic designer Denise Burt launches a book with her greatest CD covers and the stories behind them. Read more

2/9/2015 New video: Copenhagen Piano Quartet plays Kuhlau

See the presentation video for Copenhagen String Quartet's debut album with piano quartets by Friedrich Kuhlau. Read more

2/4/2015 Prize-winning quartet ready for debut and CD release

When the Copenhagen Piano Quartet burst on the scene as a professional chamber ensemble, Dacapo Records present the ensemble's ambitious debut CD Read more

1/20/2015 Top marks for last Nielsen symphonies

Classics Today gives top marks to the concluding symphony issue of our Nielsen Project with the New York Philharmonic and Alan Gilbert. Read more

1/13/2015 New York press hails Nielsen milestone

New Yorks musikanmeldere var begejstrede ved koncertopførelsen af Carl Nielsens klarinetkoncert med Anthony McGill, som udkommer på CD til april. Read more

1/12/2015 P2 Prize 2015

Den Danske Strygekvartet vandt P2 Prisen 2015 for "Wood Works", mens trioen Gáman modtog årets Lyt til Nyt Pris for albummet "Early & Late". Read more

1/7/2015 Nielsen anniversary year begins in New York

This week, the international celebrations of Carl Nielsen's 150th anniversary year will begin in New York. The Danish national composer will be featured at no less than 5 music events in and around Lincoln Center, and Dacapo's new recording of Nielsen's 5th and 6th symphonies will be released on CD. Read more

12/12/2014 Danish National Chamber Orchestra receives international CD Prize

DR UnderholdningsOrkestret tildeles International Classical Music Award for deres CD-udgivelse af Mozarts samlede symfonier Read more

12/1/2014 Christmaz Quiz 2014

Join our Christmas Quiz and win CD's! Read more

11/20/2014 Carambolage på Glyptoteket

Den 22. november ville komponisten Axel Borup-Jørgensen være fyldt 90 år, og det fejres med en ny CD-udgivelse og koncert i Glyptotekets Festsal den 22. november kl. 16. Read more

11/14/2014 New video: Alliages - Niels Rosing-Schow

See composer Niels Rosing-Schow work with flutist Hélène Navasse on a solo work for his new CD "Alliages" Read more

10/29/2014 Simon Steen-Andersen receives Nordic Council Music Prize

Komponisten Simon Steen-Andersen modtager Nordisk Råds Musikpris for værket ”Black Box Music", som samtidig udkommer på DVD Read more

10/7/2014 From Valby via YouTube and Facebook to Warszawa

Anders Koppel’s unconventional way of finding a young soloist for a new CD recording Read more

10/7/2014 New video: Marianna Bednarska plays Anders Koppel

Composer Anders Koppel and his young Polish soloist Marianna Bednarska tell the unusual story of how they found each other on the Internet! Read more

9/26/2014 New York Philharmonic kicks off Nielsen anniversary year

New York Philharmonic varmer op til Nielsen-året med tre koncerter, CD-release og ny live-indspilning i Avery Fisher Hall Read more

9/17/2014 Nightingale String Quartet wins prestigious Gramophone Award

Nightingale String Quartet receives Gramophone Young Artist of the Year Award and prepares for new CD release Read more

6/12/2014 Storslået Requiem klar til udgivelse

Tiden er inde til udgivelsen af John Frandsens Requiem på CD - vi markerer dagen med præsentation mandag 16. juni Read more
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Recent Reviews

Seeing New Music


"Burt’s journey shows familiarity breeds not contempt but informed enjoyment, which she recycles to spread the message further afield in the best way she can, through her art. Seeing New Music is beautifully produced and I have found it a delight to read – and to return to."

Read more

Symphonies 5 and 6

5/5 Stars
Enjoy the Music

"Nielsen’s symphonies require a great orchestra, superb engineering, and a deeply sympathetic conductor who both understands and loves the music. Here we have all three. The New York Philharmonic is a virtuoso ensemble that can handle the composer’s sometime impossible demands with grace and power. Dacapo’s recording team has given us the most spacious, detailed, and transparent sound these works have ever received. [...] Those who know this music will be startled by how much expressive detail they hear, especially at the big climaxes, where even the best recordings often come up short."

Read more

Piano Quartets 1 & 2

MusicWeb International

"What we have here are two pieces of very high quality music with melody and energy. The recordings are spacious and detailed with the piano placed behind the strings and with the ambience of the acoustically excellent, and rather beautiful, DKDM Concert Hall subtly present."

Read more

String Quartets Vol. 3


"These gentle quartets are far removed from the composer’s grand, dramatic later works, and these fine performances, beautifully recorded, are an important addition to the catalog."

Read more

Symphonies 1 and 4

4/4 Stars
Super Audio CT

"Es ist dem Dirigenten offenkundig daran gelegen, das überschäumende Temperament der Musik sowie deren harmonisch zukunftsweisende Qualitäten in den Vordergrund zu stellen."

Read more

String Quartets Vol. 3

MusicWeb International

"The Nightingale Quartet are in fine form once more, and bring all the freshness of new discovery – which many of these works must have been for them – to their splendid performances."

Read more

Symphonies 5 and 6

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

"Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic carry the day, with carefully impassioned readings of both symphonies that are surely to my mind definitive. It is a moving disk, something a Nielsenite will cherish and a newcomer will get the best possible way into the works. This is by all means a triumph!"

Read more

Symphonies 5 and 6

4/5 Stars
Audiophile Audition

"Intensely layered, the music achieves a weird density that dissolves into a waltz worthy of the Danse macabre."

Read more

Marimba Concertos

International Record Review

"A winner of a disc, then, especially recommended to those who are not immediately engaged by the idea of four marimba concertos nose to toe – give it a bash and I’m sure you’ll be won over."

Read more

Symphonies 5 and 6

4/4 Stars

"Gilbert and the NY Philharmonic make a fabulous and powerful case for [these works] in this new release."

Read more

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