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Vienna Philharmonic to record two symphonies by Per Nørgård

At the end of May, the legendary Vienna Philharmonic will be performing and recording two symphonies by the Danish composer Per Nørgård for Dacapo Records

This spring one of the world’s absolutely leading symphony orchestras, the Vienna Philharmonic, will for the first time ever have two new Nordic symphonies on their music stands. The orchestra is performing the 80-year-old Danish composer Per Nørgård’s new Eighth Symphony under the Finnish conductor Sakari Oramo, and will at the same time record both this and his First Symphony on CD for the Danish label Dacapo Records for release in 2014.

The concerts featuring Per Nørgård’s Eighth Symphony – which on this occasion sees its first Austrian performance – are to take place on 25 and 26 May in the Wiener Konzert­haus as part of the culture festival Wiener Festwochen, which each year attracts tens of thousands of culture-loving tourists to the city.

Danish CD production
During the week up to the concerts, the Vienna Philharmonic will record Per Nørgård’s First Symphony for the Danish national recording label Dacapo Records, and the Eighth Symphony will be recorded live in connection with the concerts in the Wiener Konzerthaus. This will thus be not only the first time the famous Austrian orchestra will record Danish music, but also the first time it will work with an independent Scandinavian recording label.

A Nordic spearhead

The President of Dacapo Records, Henrik Rørdam, says: “My background for suggesting that the Vienna Philharmonic should record Per Nørgård’s new symphony was first and foremost the wish to hear Nørgård’s fantastic music played by what is perhaps the very best symphony orches­tra in the world. But it was also a more strategic wish to position the absolute spearhead of Danish music in an area that otherwise does not have a strong tradition of looking to the North for artistic inspi­ration.

Enthusiastic orchestra

Dieter Flury, who is both the managing director of the Vienna Philharmonic and the solo flautist in the orchestra, says: “When we in the Vienna Philharmonic discussed the idea of recording Per Nørgård’s Eighth Symphony, we experienced great interest and curiosity among the musicians as regards the Scandinavian repertoire, which is otherwise often rather under­appreciated.  At the same time we could see immediately from a number of submitted scores that this is music of the very highest standard, so we are embarking on this recording project with great enthusiasm – and the full backing of the orchestra.



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