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Selma on the blog

When Poul Ruders' opera Selma Jezková conquered New York's Lincoln Center in July, the tragic plot made a strong impression on the American audience. Both established cultural blogs and private bloggers described the intense experience.

Here are some personal accounts of the meeting with Selma Jezková:

"After the performance, I had to sit down on a nearby bench and just let it out, tears, sobs, heaving shoulders - the works ... I was totally emotionally shook by this performance. " (Sarah B. Roberts, advokat og blogger)

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"Throughout, Kihlberg communicated emotion through the voice with a directness and sweetness that broke my heart. " (Lucy, student and blogger)

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"Perhaps only the theater seats were what prevented many audience members from watching the opera's final minutes curled up in fetal position on the floor." (Olivia Giovetti, blogger for WQXR, New York)

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Foto: Det Kongelige Teater/Miklos Szabo



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