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CD Recommendations of the Month: Collin Rae


American Collin J. Rae is label manager for Dacapo at Naxos of America, and he is fervent abut experimental and brand new composed music as well as the good old electronic pioneers of the 20th century. For several years Collin has helped to present Dacapo's CD releases to American sales reps, dealers and a number of international digital providers.

When we asked him to recommend three Dacapo releases for this newsletter, he insisted on recommending twice as many...



Jørgen Plaetner: Electronic Music

"This title really caught me by surprise when I first heard it, his aggressive electronic sound pieces rival some of the best Japanese Noise form the 90's. He's like some kind of super noisy Subotnick! "

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Else Marie Pade: Aquarellen über das Meer; Illustrations

Helen Davies, Richard Krug, Gert Sørensen

"I love all of her compositions and experiments, Illustrations to me sums up the beauty and depth of her electronic works. PERFECTION."

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Rued Langgaard: Music of the Spheres

Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Choirs, Thomas Dausgaard etc.

"Quite simply a transformative revolution for the ears"

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Jexper Holmen: Oort Cloud

Frode Haltli; Frode Andersen; Torben Snekkestad


"This piece really blew me away from my first listen, the acoustic instruments take on the quality of a deep and ambient electronic composition. I can't wait to hear more of Jexper's music!."

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The Natural Word of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Kronos plays Holmgreen

ARS NOVA Copenhagen; Kronos Quartet, Paul Hillier
"For Pelle I need to choose two titles for they are both ESSENTIAL listening for anyone interesting in what's going on in Classical Music around the world. The Natural World of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen is like a dream, wonderful and even in its darkest moments it retains its natural beautiful and manages to remain somehow uplifting."

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Kronos plays Holmgreen

Kronos Quartet, Paul Hillier
"The Kronos Plays Holmgreen release is one of the most interesting projects the Kronos has taken on in the past few years, Holmgreen's Chamber music sensibilities are both beautiful and profound."


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