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Prize-winning quartet ready for debut and CD release

When the Copenhagen Piano Quartet burst on the scene as a professional chamber ensemble from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen on 11 February, they present an ambitious debut CD at the same time  

The Copenhagen Piano Quartet is already in great demand as a chamber ensemble that has seen a series of triumphs over the past few years, in among other contexts the DR Chamber Music Competition and international competitions in Italy and Austria. But in between the demanding competitions the four young musicians have found time to immerse themselves in their studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen – and at the same time have put extra effort into topping off their debut concert with an ambitious CD release.


From Papa’s treasure chest

The music on the Copenhagen Piano Quartet’s debut CD was written by the Danish-German composer Friedrich Kuhlau and is completely uncharted territory compared with the familiar classical repertoire for piano quartets by composers like Brahms and Beethoven. “It really means a lot for us in the Copenhagen Piano Quartet to have our own artistic profile vis-à-vis similar ensembles. In fact we found Kuhlau’s quartets hidden away among the treasures of Benedikte’s father, who is a violinist and had himself played them in his youth. They couldn’t be bought from any publisher, and we even had to have help with putting a score together that the producer could find his way around during the recordings,” says Neel Teilmann.

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