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Five in one go!

His name stands in the fine print on the last page of the CD booklets, but in reality the producer Preben Iwan has played a major role on five of the twelve CDs nominated for Danmarks Radio's P2 Prize 2011. For several years Preben's work has been acclaimed with superlatives when Dacapo's recordings have been praised by international music reviewers.

Which of the nominated recordings has been the biggest experience for you to produce?

"It was an incredible experience to produce Langgaard's Music of the Spheres in DR's new concert hall. It was extremely exciting and challenging to exploit the new space for such a spectacular surround production. It's really a fantastic hall to record in!"


Were there special challenges during some of the recording sessions?

"The recording of Buxtehude's Scandinavian Cantatas was something we did in Buxtehude's ‘own' church, the Sct Mariæ Church in Helsingør. We arrived at a fine arrangement where the choir and the musicians stood on the floor beneath the organ, which hovers 8-10 metres higher up. True, to communicate properly during the recording we had to get a camera and sound monitoring to the organist (Bine Bryndorf), but that worked fine, and everyone was hap¬py and satisfied - including the conductor Paul Hillier, who had to stand up straight in front of the large, heavy 5-metre tall main microphone rack!

BUT ... In the meantime a central nut for the rack had broken in half during the setting-up, and the ever-indispensable Gaffa tape had to save the day. Everything held up well for the whole production day, right until I had to clear away for the religious service the next day. My least touch made the huge rack swoop down and break up completely. Thirty seconds before, Paul Hillier had stood right under it! It was a totally shocking experience! But my DPA microphones survived - and the next day a new nut had been installed!"

What are you most looking forward to producing for Dacapo in the future?

"Definitely the New York Philharmonic's new recording of all the Carl Nielsen symphonies and concertos. We already have the first recordings in the box, and the artistic standard is inconceivably high!"


Pressen skrev

"A superbly played and recorded disc" Gramophone om Sfærernes Musik

"Stunningly recorded and beautifully performed" Classics Today om Sfærernes Musik

"Das entstandene Bild ist dennoch sehr präzis, gut balanciert, plastisch gestaffelt und von einem natürlich erheblichen Raumeffekt überwölbt, aber doch nie dominiert." Klassik.com om Skandinaviske Kantater

"Vivid and comforting hi-res surround sound" Audiophile Audition om Skandinaviske Kantater

"...recorded in lush SACD sound that flatters the composer's every intention" American Record Guide om The Natural World

"Well recorded, in warm acoustic" BBC Music Magazine om Matthäus-Passion

Video: Preben Iwan and Paul Hillier talk about the P2 nominated recording of Schütz' complete narrative works

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