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Seeing New Music - New book by Dacapo's graphic designer

Ten years ago Dacapo ventured out on a magical collaboration with the New Zealand designer Denise Burt, who had just moved to Denmark – and who had never before worked with music. Today we can look back at over 280 CD covers, each with its own unique look with a starting point in the music and the thinking behind it.

Now Denise tells the story behind some of her CD covers in the book Seeing New Music, published on Thursday 5 March and available on order from Dacapo’s website. A book where you can of course find lots of marvellous designs, but also good, sometimes curious stories about the idea and creative process behind each cover – and not least the collaboration with composers and artists. For example there was the cover that was made with the aid of gaffer tape and patterns of bacteria, a spontaneous photo session with a songstress en deshabille in the studio in Vesterbro – and the cover that composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen hated ...

“It’s often said that the CD as a format is dead – but that doesn’t worry me. What interests me is not the actual format, but the challenge of representing and communicating a piece of music to a new audience. That is in many ways the ultimate design task: getting people to under­stand something about a piece of music before they have heard it for themselves,” says Denise Burt.



Buy the book ”Seeing New Music” here

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