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Nørgård symphonies win Gramophone Award

Gramophone announced today that the winner of this year's Gramophone Award for Best Contemporary Recording is Per Nørgård's Symphonies nos. 1 and 8, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic under conductor Sakari Oramo.

Dacapo Records and producer Preben Iwan are behind the award-winning release, which has drawn international attention as the world famous orchestra's first ever recording of new Nordic music. Gramophone states that "it is great to see this superabundantly imaginative music being taken up by an institution as traditionally minded as the Vienna Philharmonic.

CEO Henrik Rørdam of Dacapo Records says: "It has been fantastic to see the absolute spearhead of Scandinavian music go right to the heart of the strong, central-European tradition with this recording project. With this Gramophone Award, the fusion of Nordic inventiveness and the Viennese symphonic perfection has come to a great conclusion - and I am proud to reveal that we have new recording plans with the Vienna Philharmonic."

The Gramophone Awards will be celebrated in London on 17th September at a gala event at St John’s Smith Square.


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Conductor Sakari Oramo during the pre-recording rehearsals in Vienna's famous Konzerthaus
Photo: Terry Linke

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