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Nightingale String Quartet present new music video

The Copenhagen-based Nightingale String Quartet, winners of the Gramophone Young Artist of the Year Award 2014, have produced an evocative new video with music by Rued Langgaard (1893-1952). The video, published on YouTube today, has been produced by the prizewinning director Mads Nygaard Hemmingsen. Hemmingsen also directed the Quartet’s first video, published in 2012, which became a viral sensation on Vimeo and YouTube.

Gunvor Sihm from Nightingale String Quartet comments: “We granted film director Mads Hemmingsen complete artistic freedom to create the visual side of our new video. We chose a complex movement from one of Rued Langgaard’s quartets, which has an intensely emotional, trance-like quality. The recordings were made in Brazil with local actors, and it is our sincere wish that a video like this helps both Langgaard’s amazing work, and classical music in general, reach new audiences.”


The Nightingale String Quartet recently concluded their recording cycle of the complete string quartets by the eccentric early 20th century composer Rued Langgaard for Dacapo. The series has been the young all-female quartet’s international break-through, and has raised new interest for Langgaard’s music worldwide. The BBC Music Magazine called the series “strange and wonderful”, and The Observer stated that “The Nightingale String Quartet has an uncanny affinity with Langgaard’s wildly moody music.”


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