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Nightingales honoured with BBC nomination and P2 Prize

On Saturday 19 January the young Nightingale String Quartet was awarded the Danish DR P2 Prize for Best Danish CD of the Year, and now the quartet has been nominated for the prestigious BBC Music Magazine Awards, to be presented in London in April.


On Saturday evening the young Nightingale String Quartet, who released their debut CD of music by Rued Langgaard last year, were awarded the Danish P2 Prize 2013 for Best CD of the Year. And just a few days after the awards concert in the DR Concert Hall, one of the world's leading music periodicals, BBC Music Magazine, has now announced that the quartet is in the running for the prestigious BBC Music Magazine Awards, which will be presented in London in April.

Link: BBC Music Magazine Awards 2013 - go and cast your vote today!


An overwhelming debut

2012 saw a remarkable CD debut for the Nightingale String Quartet with the release of Rued Langgaard: String Quartets. Vol. 1 on the label Dacapo Records. Not only the Danish reviewers, but music critics from all over the world, have welcomed the four young Danish string players with top marks, superlatives and several major honours. The debut CD has among other things been "Album of the Week" on the USA's biggest classical radio station WQXR, and has been named as "Editor's Choice" both in the English music periodical Gramophone and its rival BBC Music Magazine.

From outsider to critics' darling

It is not only the Nightingale String Quartet's special, passionate playing style that has been noticed at home and abroad, but also the quartet's unusual choice of repertoire - that is, music from the beginning of the twentieth century by the Danish outsider composer Rued Langgaard. The choice has been welcomed with appreciation in musical circles, as well as enthusiasm among concert audiences, and not least by the Danish P2 listeners whose Internet poll has picked out the Nightingales' Langgaard CD as the best of the year. In the run-up to the BBC Awards too it will be audience polls that decide the final result. The voting has just started and one can vote regardless of nationality.

The violinist Gunvor Sihm from the Nightingale String Quartet says: "We have seen that Langgaard's music has an incredibly powerful effect on audiences and CD listeners today - in fact it's as if the music suits our own time better than the composer's own. Now it will be thrilling to see whether we and Langgaard are able to win the hearts of the BBC's discerning audiences as we did those of the Danish P2 listeners."


Great expectations for Vol. 2

There are great expectations of the next release - Vol. 2 - in the Nightingale String Quartet's CD series of Rued Langgaard's string quartets, and at the beginning of January several music journalists from abroad looked in on Copenhagen to see the quartet's thorough work in the recording studio with their artistic adviser Tim Frederiksen and producer Simon Brinkmann, both associated with the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. The results of the visit will be published in among other magazines the English Gramophone and the German Image Hi-Fi at the end of the spring, when Dacapo Records expects to release Vol. 2 in the CD series.

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