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Mogens Dahl recommendations

The conductor Mogens Dahl is well known for his artistic activities and for realizing the dream of having a concert hall in his own name! Today Mogens Dahl runs his concert hall as the only private concert hall for classical music in the Nordic countries. Alongside this he conducts his own ensemble, the Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir.

We asked Mogens to recommend the three Dacapo CDs he would most like to give as Christmas gifts.


Carl Nielsen: The Masterworks Vol. 1

"This is a marvellous recording by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra with two of the most important Danish conductors of the last two decades on the stand. Nielsen's music still grips me; it's alive and captivating and bold and dancing, and here we have splendid music-making with the typical Nielsenesque mixture of dramatic beauty and humour - this simply has it all. It's a joy to hear this unique Danish competence from composer, musicians and conductor! This is cultural heritage - with all the trimmings: the six symphonies, and as a splendid addition a fine selection of other Nielsen orchestral works, played with magnificent power by the DNSO. So whether you go for the soft and gentle or the robustly national, with this you get an extremely relevant Christ¬mas gift idea for well nigh anyone."

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Per Nørgård: Singe die Gärten

"Since its release in 1999 this recording with central works by Per Nørgård has been one of my favourite CDs - here with a star ensemble and a fantastic conductor. The impressions are many, the cohesiveness of text and music massive: listen for example to the text of Dream Songs - about the small child dreaming of himself as an adult, depicted in a melodic and harmonic universe that balances between idyll and nightmare. Or listen to how Maja dances in Ole Sarvig's powerful poem - this is composed so delicately and finely, now dancing and now sorrowful. Music that unmistakably continues the tradition of Danish national song."

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C.E.F. Weyse: Christmas and Easter Cantatas

"If there is any Danish composer one especially associates with the poems of B.S. Ingemann, it is Weyse: the Morning and Evening Songs have simply enthroned themselves one of the finest things in the Danish musical tradition - an incredible mixture of the Classical and the Romantic in the Danish Golden Age. And now that we are in the festive season this is a small jewel to listen to: a CD that includes Weyse's Christmas Cantata no. 3 with a text by none other than B.S. Inge-mann, written for choir, soloists and orchestra. There are fine singing performances to delight in - listen for example to the beautiful tercet of the second movement or to the almost Händel-like fugue in the final movement - this is truly joyous Christmas music."

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