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Listen: New official anthem for the Nordic countries

‘The Nordic Hymn’ is premiered at the Nordic Council Prize Awards tonight and will be the official anthem at cultural events in the Nordic countries. Listen to it now.

In the European Union, they have Beethoven’s ‘An die Freude’. Now, the Nordic countries have ‘The Nordic Hymn’. The Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen has joined forces with Danish-Norwegian author Kim Leine – both of them former Nordic Council Prize winners – to create a work celebrating the Nordic community.

The new anthem will be sung at future official events in the Nordic countries such as award shows, sporting events and state visits. Kim Leine hopes everyone in the Nordic countries will be able to relate to the anthem, he tells in an interview with Politiken: “The anthem needs something like ‘she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah’. Banality is important. In my lyrics, banality is present in the repetition of ‘I love, I love, I love’.”

Listen now
‘The Nordic Hymn’ was originally written for ensemble and choir, which is the version that sees its world premiere at the Nordic Council Prize Awards Tuesday November 1. However, a version for flute quintet and soprano is available now on iTunes and Spotify – recorded by the Brahe Ensemble and Tóra Vestergaard.

In the Politiken interview, Sunleif Rasmussen tries to explain the feeling of ‘The Nordic Hymn’: “Much Nordic music contains darkness and melancholy. Often with an even distribution of light and darkness. I’ve tried to capture this by pairing the verses in two parts – one in major, the other in minor. I think of the anthem as a love song.”

The Nordic Council Prize Awards will be transmitted live by broadcasters in the Nordic countries on Tuesday November 1, 8 PM.

Buy ‘The Nordic Hymn’ for flute quintet and soprano on iTunes, or listen to the song on Spotify.

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