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Lars Møller and “ReWrite of Spring” nominated for DMA Jazz 2016

The nominations for Danish Music Award Jazz 2016, which is being held on 7 November at Bremen Teater i Copenhagen, have just been released. The Danish saxophone player, composer and conductor Lars Møller and his highly acclaimed jazz suite “ReWrite of Spring” released at Dacapo are among the nominations in the categories ‘Best Danish Jazz Composer of the Year’ and ‘Best Danish Jazz Release of the Year’. “ReWrite of Spring” is a tribute to Stravinsky’s "Sacre du Printemps" and features besides Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, which ReWrite of Spring is composed for, the legendary American jazz saxophone player David Liebman and the Danish-American "Queen of Percussion" Marylin Mazur.

While deeply rooted in American and European orchestral traditions, “ReWrite of Spring” is a vital artistic statement representing a creative voice in the quest for a personal big band sound.

Lars Møller, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and the soloists David Liebman and Marylin Mazur are going on a tour in Jutland this November with ReWrite of Spring. Read more at Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's website.

ReWrite of Spring among the favorites
With the exception of the ‘Children’s Jazz Prize’ the nominated artists have been chosen by an academy of 15 jazz skilled professionals from home and abroad. They have each been listening to over 150 releases and subsequently voted for their favorites. In addition to the six DMA-statues DR’s Listener's Prize ‘P8 Jazz-prize’ as well as ‘Live Jazz Danmark Prize' are being awarded.

Nationwide transmission
The Danish Radio P8 JAZZ will be live transmitting from the show and as a new feature JazzDanmark has partnered with TV2 Lorry, which means that the show is being recorded and subsequently transmitted nationwide via the TV2 regions - first time on 26 November.

The press says about ReWrite of Spring:

Downbeat Magazine

“Danish saxophonist Lars Møller's ReWrite Of Spring is a soaring, sprawling conception, combining exquisite detail with monumental vision."

All About Jazz

"The collection as a whole is an ambitious project, brilliantly conceived and performed by world-class artists."

The New York City Jazz Record
"It’s a stunning realization expertly played."

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