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New musical director recommends CDs

This week Henrik Engelbrecht took up the post as new musical director at the Tivoli Gardens. In his past, Henrik has been a professional flautist as well as opera editor on Danish Radio and opera dramaturgist at the Royal Danish Theatre.

Henrik is one of Denmark's most sought-after presenters of classical music with several books and innumerable lectures to his credit. And he's a real ‘record man' with a yen for classical CDs.  


J.G.W. Palschau & J.A.P. Schulz: Concertos and solo works for harpsichord
CD 8.226049

"Lars Ulrik Mortensen is a world-class Danish musician. This CD was permanently on my CD player for several months, and it's still one of those I often get out again. Transparent, crystal-clear, supple and thoroughly straightforward music-making."



Poul Ruders: Solar Trilogy
CD 8.224054

"The word ‘overwhelming' doesn't do this justice! Poul Ruders uses all the many colours and expressive devices of the symphony orchestra with the same virtuosity as Richard Strauss or Gustav Mahler. The result is a real physical experience - this music hits you right in the solar plexus."


H.C. Lumbye: Orchestral Works Vol. 1
CD 8.226049

"H.C. Lumbye's music was awarded the stamp of quality in earnest when the Vienna Philharmonic played the Champagne Galop at this year New Year Concert. Entertainment music of the highest standard - played here of course by Tivoli's own symphony orchestra!"


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