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Blomstedt DVD receives American Bruckner commendation

Dacapo DVD release with Herbert Blomstedt conducting the Danish National Symphony Orchestra in Bruckner's and Schubert's symphonies No. 7 has been awarded 'Video of the Year' by Bruckner Society of America.

For many years Blomstedt had a dream of conducting in Roskilde Cathedral, which besides being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impresses with its unique acoustics. This dream came true at a memorable concert in 2007, which can be experienced now on DVD in surround sound.

Board President, Benjamin Korstvedt stated about this special commendation: "We salute Maestro Blomstedt’s interpretation, which achieves a wonderful combination of structural command and expressive freedom. The orchestral playing is filled with great spirit, which gives the performance an usually winning character. The production qualities are high as well; the viewing experience captures a distinct feeling of community in the setting of a great church among the musicians, the audience and Maestro Blomstedt. All in all, we find this to be a recording of high quality and, as the first commercial video recording in many years of one of the greatest Bruckner conductors of our era, a valuable addition to the discography."

Bruckner Society of America has existed since 1931 and the organization sees it as their primary goal to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the life and music of Anton Bruckner. They do so through the communication of the new and most exceptional Bruckner releases.

On tour with Bruckner and Schubert
89 year old Blomstedt, who also received the Bruckner Society Medal of Honor in 2012, will go on a tour with Bamberger Symphoniker to Bamberg, Germany and Wiener Konzerthaus in Austria as well as a larger tour to Asia. Blomstedt and Bamberger Symphoniker will play, among other Bruckner's and Schubert's symphonies no. 7. At the concert on November 4th in Tokyo City Opera Schubert however, is replaced with Mozart's Symphony No. 34. See a list of concert dates and locations below.

Concert overview

20 October, Bamberg, Konzerthalle

22 October, Großer Saal, Wiener Konzerthaus

27 October, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

30 October, Miyazaki - Medikit Arts Center

4 November, Tokyo - Tokyo City Opera

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