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Lapland Chamber Orchestra present new CD on Dacapo

Their home ground is at the Arctic Circle and for more than four decades they have specialized in playing the most recent Nordic music. Their latest CD recording went around the world and their playing was described as “incandescent”, “out­standing”, “muscular” and “of the highest artistic standard” by among others the American and Canadian press. Now the Lapland Chamber Orchestra is ready with a new, striking CD release: Motion/Emotion – with music by a composer almost as northern in origin as the musicians themselves: the Faroese Sunleif Rasmussen, whose honours include the Nordic Council’s Music Prize.  

The Lapland Chamber Orchestra’s new CD with works by Sunleif Rasmussen is released by the Danish recording label Dacapo Records. The label’s collaboration with the Finnish elite orchestra began in 2012, and the orches­tra’s first Dacapo release with music by Vagn Holmboe was one of the label’s best-selling titles last year. The CD was acclaimed as Editor’s Choice in the music periodical Gramophone, and was recently nominated for the maga­zine’s fêted Gramophone Award with the comment “You will not hear a finer disc this year.” Quite extra­or­di­narily, the CD was also picked as “Album of the Week” on the USA’s biggest classical radio station Q2 (WQXR New York).

Read more about the new CD - Sunleif Rasmussen: "Motion/Emotion"


Lapland Chamber Orchestra - Photo: Marco Borggreve

Henrik Rørdam, president of Dacapo Records, says: “We are looking forward to releasing another CD with the Lapland Chamber Orchestra. It’s fantastic to see the interest abroad in contemporary Nordic music when it is played with such high standards, and there is no doubt that an ensemble as specialized and ambitious as the Lapland Chamber Orchestra are the absolutely right ambassadors for our Danish and Nordic composers. Fortu­nately we have more new recordings on the drawing-board including a recording of the composer Bent Sørensen’s music.”

Ulla-Maija Kanerva, leader of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, says: “The Danish repertoire we are recording for Dacapo Records fits in perfectly with the Lapland Chamber Orchestra’s artistic profile, and has already had a warm reception from our Finnish concert audiences and press as well as the musicians of the orchestra. At the same time we have been impressed to see how big an international impact our first Dacapo CD has had, with overwhelming CD reviews and distinctions from the USA, Canada and England.


Press Quotes

- about Lapland Chamber Orchestra's latest CDVagn Holmboe: Chamber Symphonies – Dacapo Records 6.220621

These performances are white hot. The playing is technically as well as artistically of the highest order.”  National Public Radio, USA

 “Excellent performances, superb sound: you will not hear a finer disc this year.EDITOR’s CHOICE – Gramophone, UK

Vivid, muscular performances by conductor John Storgards and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra … enough to make a convert out of any listener.” San Francisco Chronicle , USA

A series of breathtaking, if chilly sonic landscape portraits viewed through a lens of solitude.” WQXR Radio, USA (New York)

"Truly fantastic… A must-have." MusicWeb International, UK

The performances here are exceptional. John Storgards and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra play with an attention to detail, precision of ensemble, and clarity of texture that can only be called perfect.” 10/10 Classics Today, USA

 “The Lapland Chamber Orchestra performs and sounds like it’s in the big leagues. While some orchestras this size tend to sound anorexic, this one has a muscle/agility combo going on.” Classical Music Sentinel, Canada


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