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“Drop your inhibitions - listen to Nørgård!”

Most people who have bought classical CDs in Copenhagen have at some point met Birger Simon­sen. He has managed specialized classical departments in the big chain stores and for a period had his own classical CD shop. Now he is ensconced behind the counter in Copenhagen's new Dana­cord shop, which is Scandinavia's biggest specialized classical music shop today.

Birger Simonsen is a modest man who doesn't want his face shown in cyberspace. He would rather show his long CD shelves in the newly furnished shop which is bursting with classical music. As a passionate fan and purveyor of classical music, though, Birger is always willing to give CD recor­dings a few well-chosen words on their way. Here you can see his recommendations from the Dacapo catalogue.

Per Nørgård: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 7

" Per Nørgård is undoubtedly Denmark's greatest living composer. Here you can thrill to his Seventh Symphony - and I mean thrill, for rarely has its like been heard in recent times. His Third Symphony is pure beauty. Drop you inhibitions - listen to Nørgård!"

Carl Nielsen: Orchestral Music

" Carl Nielsen's orchestral music with Thomas Dalsgaard and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra is in class by itself. An ebulliently energetic recording we have sold many of over the years... and the sound, it's first-class! Here you'll find all the small Nielsen orchestral works you may be missing."

Oboe and Piano

"Max Artved and Per Salo are two Danish supermusicians. Everything they touch turns into magic - like this lovely CD. I was at a concert in 1996 where they were to play the works from this CD. Per Nørgård came and said that his old mentor Vagn Holmboe had passed away the very same day. The audience stood and held two minutes' silence. That made a powerful impression on me, and this CD has been among my favourites ever since. Enjoy music by Carl Nielsen, Niels Viggo Bentzon, Otto Mortensen, Vagn Holmboe & Per Nørgård!"


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