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Cover stories - 10 years and 100 designs

Ten years ago Dacapo said goodbye to its old red covers and ventured into a magical collabo­ration with the New Zealand designer based in Denmark, Denise Burt – who had never worked with music before.

Today we can look back over ten years of fantastically inspiring design collaboration on every single release – in fact we have over 250 covers with the “new” design in the catalogue, which is more than half of all Dacapo’s releases.

Denise Burt creates her cover designs in a dialogue with composers, artists and recording labels. And the creative flow hits the high-water mark when the music is newly written – whether the collaboration takes place on Danish soil or in New York, where Denise designs regularly for the Cantaloupe label.

Design tales

From her covers for new music Denise Burt has selected a collection of 100 titles, and on her own website she tells the stories behind some of them. For example there was the cover that was created with the aid of gaffer tape and bacteria patterns, a spontaneous photo session with a songstress in deshabille in the studio in Vesterbro – and the cover that Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen hated...

See Denise’s own cover stories here

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