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Dacapo - The National Music Anthology of Denmark

Download Formats


Dacapo's more than 400 recordings are now available for digital download in the Dacapo Music Store.
You can choose from the popular mp3 format or get much better sound quality with our
lossless and DRM free FLAC and WMA files in either 16bit "CD Quality" or, when available, 24bit "Studio Master Quality".



Studio Master Quality
High resolution and far better sound than a CD will ever perform!

Our exclusive lossles hi-res files are available in the format of FLAC or WMA. They come as 24-bit, in sample rates from 44.1 up to 192kHz, which is the clean and uncompromised sound as the engineer recorded it. With 24-bit you will be able to experience an audiophile performance that well exceeds what a CD is capable of. 24-bit files are up to 10 times larger than mp3 files which means a significantly longer download time.

Surround sound for download will occassionally be available .


CD Quality
Hi-res performance equal to CD playback!

To obtain at least the same level of audio quality that you're used to from familiar CD playback, our CD Quality FLAC or WMA files of 16bit are the next best option. You get a good lossless sound quality equal to what you are used to when playing your CD's. 16bit files are far smaller in size than 24bit files but are still up to 3-4 times larger than mp3 files, which again means a longer download time. With today's broadband that shouldn't be an obstacle for the most part.




FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec is an audio format like mp3 that can be played on your PC, Mac, portable player like iPod or home stereo (with the right equipment). As with mp3 FLAC is also a compression of audio but with no loss in sound quality. FLAC is a "zip-packed" file of the original, clean and very heavy source file. It's only much lighter in weight and therefore faster to download than the uncompressed WAV. FLAC will still deliver the same lossless and uncompromised performance


WMA - Our Windows Media Audio also files deliver lossless performance. Like FLAC, WMA is, too, a lossless compression of audio without any compromise to the sound quality. WMA is especially aimed for PC users who has Windows Media Player as their preferred audio player. However, WMA can be played on a great variety of audio players. Also iTunes that will convert WMA files to another compatible format. 


MP3 - The full catalogue is available in the popular mp3 format, which is the easiest digital format around to handle on your PC or Mac. The light weight of the mp3 is due to a hard compression of the original sound quality, which means a significant loss of data. The higher the compression, the poorer the sound. Dacapo's mp3 files are encoded at the lowest compression allowed, which is 320 KB/s. This gives a quite acceptable performance if you don't seek audiophile playback and instead prefer your iPod or any other portable music player to play your music on.

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