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Download Quality


Studio Master Quality - far better sound than a CD will ever perform! 

Our exclusive lossles hi-res files are available in FLAC or WMA.
When available they come in 24bit, either 48 or 88.2 kHz, which is the high resoluted quality
the music was recorded in. Note! 24bit files are up to 10 times larger than mp3 files which
means a much longer download time.

CD Quality - hi-res performance equal to CD playback!
Download FLAC or WMA in the standard of 16bit 44.1 kHz. Then you still get the a lossless and
very fine sound quality. Up to 3-4 times larger than mp3 means longer download time.

With mp3 you get the music compressed and therefore not in optimum sound quality.
However, in bitrate 320 Kb/s Dacapo's mp3 downloads are the best lossy compromise.

Read more for how to play and get the most out of your downloads 

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