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Piano Works

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226122 (2017)

Works for Wind Quintet

Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.226090 (2016)

Danish Romantic Piano Trios

Gade, Lange-Müller & Langgaard
CD 8.226119 (2015)

Violin Sonatas Vol. 1

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.226082 (2014)
Four sonatas by Kuhlau, who with his wide network was the most international composer in the Danish music of the 1820s and 1830s

The Golden Age of Danish Partsongs

SACD 6.220568 (2014)
Paul Hillier’s interpretations of choral classics by among others Gade, Carl Nielsen and Weyse sung to perfection by Ars Nova Copenhagen

Songs for Male Voices

Peter Heise
SACD 6.220598 (2013)
Charming choral songs and quartets from the Danish Golden age. Long live woman, art and the fatherland!

String Quartets

C.F.E. Horneman & Asger Hamerik
CD 8.226097 (2013)
Vital youthful works by the two cousins Horneman and Hamerik, who gave Danish Romanticism new colours and a new mood

The Key Masterpieces

Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse
CD 8.226105-06 (2010)
The 3rd issue in Dacapo’s Perspectives series fully portrays this ingenious composer of the Danish Golden Age

Love Songs

Heise, Weyse & Lange-Müller
CD 8.226141 (2010)
Love songs by three masters of Danish Romanticism performed by Mathias Hedegaard

The Symphonies [4-SACD Box set]

Asger Hamerik
SACD 6.200002 (2009)
Denmark’s most international 19th-century composer steps out in all his romantic orchestral glory

Romantic Violin Concertos

N.W. Gade, Lange-Müller, Langgaard
SACD 6.220562 (2009)
Languishingly beautiful music played with soul and brilliance by Christina Åstrand

Sonatas for violin and piano

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226066 (2009)
The three violin sonatas by the most famous Danish composer of the Romantic era

Flute Sonatas

N.P. Jensen
CD 8.226054 (2008)
The blind nineteenth-century composer is a great rediscovery

Serenades and Romances

Nielsen, Weyse, Lange-Müller, Kunzen
CD 8.226012 (2007)
Smiles and longings of a summer night embodied by the young tenor Mathias Hedegaard

Vølvens spådom

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.226061 (2007)
Old Norse visions and National-Romantic overtures about the heroes of the Viking Age

Flute Duets

N.P. Jensen
CD 8.226029 (2006)
Exquisite chamber music by the blind virtuoso and composer of Early Romanticism

Orchestral Works

Emil Hartmann
CD 8.226041 (2006)
Fuldmoden nationalromantik i største målestok

Morning and Evening Songs

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224714 (2006)
The greatest in the smallest – an imperishable treasure in Danish music

Choral-Symphony; Requiem

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.226033 (2006)
A full-blown romantic masterpiece by Berlioz’ favourite Danish pupil

Famous Opera Choruses

Wagner, Bizet, Verdi, Puccini, Borodin, Nielsen
SACD 6.220512 (2005)

Works for organ

J.P.E. Hartmann & Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226026 (2005)
The most important organ works of the two main musical figures of the Danish Golden Age

Orchestral Works vol. 11

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554861 (2005)

Orchestral Works Vol. 10

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554860 (2004)
Galops, polkas and “war dances” from the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Orchestral Works Vol. 9

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554859 (2002)
Lumbye’s masterpiece Dream Pictures and many other wonderful pieces

Orchestral Works Vol. 8

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554858 (2002)
King George I’s Honour March and rarities like the Sandman’s Galop Fantasia!

Orchestral Works Vol. 7

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554857 (2002)
Souvenir de Jenny Lind – a tribute to “The Swedish Nightingale” and 11 other pieces

Orchestral Works Vol. 6

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554856 (2001)
”En festaften på Tivoli” og flere andre stykker af Nordens valsekonge

Symphonies 5-6

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.224161 (2001)
Winner of Danish Release of the Year (2002)! Two magnificent symphonies from the 1890s

Orchestral Works Vol. 5

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554855 (2001)
The grand waltz Hesperus and a varied selection of galops and marches

Der er et yndigt land

CD 8.224141 (2000)
Danmark i lommeformat – de største klassiske hits og skønneste melodier

Piano Music

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224162 (2000)
Romantiske karakterstykker til vers af H.C. Andersen viser Hartmanns poetiske format


Peter Heise
CD 8.554967 (2000)

The Sleeping Beauty

Peter Heise
CD 8.224132 (2000)
Romantiske koncertstykker for soli, kor og orkester

Danish Romantic A Cappella

CD 8.224130 (2000)
Stemningsfuld og blomstrende musik fra slutningen af 1800-tallet

Orchestral works Vol. 4

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554854 (2000)
14 festlige overraskelser af “Nordens Strauss”, den evigt opfindsomme Lumbye

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554853 (1999)
Koncertpolka for to violiner og flere andre af Lumbyes kendteste stykker

Det bedste fra Den danske Guldalder

CD 8.224145-47 (1999)
3-cd boks med 40 stykker musik fra midten af 1800-tallet, en gylden æra i dansk kultur

Liden Kirsten

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224106-07 (1999)
The beloved ballad opera with a libretto by Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark in a nutshell!

Cello Miniatures

Børresen, Emborg, Heise, Fabricius, L.Glass, L. Nielsen
CD 8.224092 (1998)
Stylish, elegant music by Danish composers from around 1900


J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224097 (1998)
Danish High Romanticism when it is best and most itself – not least in the national treasure The Golden Horns

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554852 (1998)
Volume 2 of the big Lumbye series goes to work on the lesser-known pieces – all with the same high spirits!

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554851 (1998)
The introduction to the longest Lumbye series hitherto, vol. 1 including the well-known Champagne Galop

Sonatas for Flute and Piano

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.224071-72 (1997)
Classic recording of some of Kuhlau’s most successful chamber music


C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224049 (1997)
Ædleste klassicisme i Weyses kantater til jul og påske

Ungdom og Galskab (Youth and Folly)

Edouard Dupuy
CD 8.224066-67 (1997)
A witty, melodious Singspiel, performed hundreds of times since the premiere in 1806!

Symphonies Nos. 1-8

Niels Wilhelm Gade
CD 8.504012 (1997)


Lange-Müller and Heise
CD 8.224065 (1997)

Piano Quartets

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.224044-45 (1997)
Unparalleled playing by the Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!


Lange-Müller & Heise
CD 8.224033 (1997)

Symphonies 1-2

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224042 (1996)

Piano Sonatas

J.P.E. Hartmann
DCCD 9112 (1996)
The First Sonata was praised by Schumann, and the Fourth is a moving, revealing work of the composer’s old age


Fr. Kuhlau
CD 8.224053 (1996)

Elverskud (The Elf King's Daughter)

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.224051 (1996)

Works for Organ

Otto Malling
CD 8.224023 (1996)
Religious mood-pictures by the colourful Danish Late Romantic organ composer

Works for Violin and Piano

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224021-22 (1995)
All of Hartmann’s works for violin, reflecting his amazing career throughout the 19th century

Symphonies Nos. 6-7

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224014 (1995)
First recording of Weyse’s two greatest symphonies

String Quartets

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.224015 (1995)
Classic recordings of Gade’s sophisticated string quartets

Symphonies Nos. 4-5

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224013 (1995)
Vienna Classicism from the 1790s with a Nordic accent

Symphonies Nos. 1-3

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224012 (1994)
The first full-scale Danish symphonies, inspired by Haydn and Mozart

String Quartets

Friedrich Kuhlau & C.F.E. Horneman
CD 8.224016 (1994)
Unsurpassed playing by Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!

Etudes for Piano

C.E.F. Weyse
DCCD 9307 (1994)
The 12 Etudes by the leading Golden Age composer Weyse show his virtuosic and dramatic sides

Danish Golden Age Piano Trios

Gade, Hartmann, Langgaard, Henriques, Lange-Müller
DCCD 9310 (1993)
Lange-Müller’s fully mature Piano Trio and charming works by among others Langgaard and Fini Henriques

Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9201 (1993)
Gade’s brilliant breakthrough work Symphony no. 1, which was given its first performance by Mendelssohn

Symphonies Nos. 4 and 6

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9202 (1993)
The lightest and the darkest of all Gade’s eight symphonies

Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9301 (1993)
Gade’s perfection shines through clearly in his last two symphonies

Symphonies Nos. 3 and 5

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9004 (1992)
The Fifth Symphony with obbligato piano is one of Gade’s most original works

Chamber Music

Peter Arnold Heise
DCCD 9113 (1992)
Heise’s Piano Quintet and Cello Sonatas are among the best chamber music of the 1800s in Denmark

Complete Piano Works Vol. 3

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9117 (1992)
Romantic character pieces and tone-paintings for two and four hands

Complete Piano Works Vol. 1

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9115 (1992)
The character pieces from the 1840s, written in the time before Gade’s international breakthrough

Complete Piano Works Vol. 2

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9116 (1992)
Gade’s Piano Concerto is his masterpiece for piano

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