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Piano Works Vol. 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220631 (2017)

The Organ Works

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220635 (2016)

Symphony No. 9

Paul von Klenau
CD 8.226098-99 (2016)


Bent Sørensen
SACD 6.220629 (2016)

Saul & David

Carl Nielsen
DVD 2.110412 (2015)


Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220556 (2015)


Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220641-42 (2015)

String Quartets Vol. 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220577 (2014)
Third and last album in the epoch-making series that makes the picture of Lang¬gaard’s many-faceted personality clearer then ever

The Symphonic Edition Vol. 3

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226148 (2014)
Riisager’s Fourth and Fifth Symphony and other orchestral works from the 1940s. Witty, provocative and scintillating neoclassicism

String Quartets Vol. 2

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220576 (2013)
A world of hypersensitive romanticism. The Nightingale Quartet play Langgaard’s works for string quartet with raw nerve.

Early & Late

SACD 6.220640 (2013)
Nordic folk music and contemporary avant-garde meet in a unique combination of violin, recorder and accordion

Fête galante

Poul Schierbeck
SACD 6.220637-38 (2013)
A true operatic feast: Schierbeck’s Fete galante from 1931 is lyrical and warm, glitteringly orchestrated and has Denmark’s best singers in the main roles


Vagn Holmboe
SACD 6.220599 (2013)
“One of the best viola concertos ever penned” (Gramophone) and an equally masterly violin concerto from Holmboe’s last years

Symphonies 2 and 3

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220623 (2012)
An explosive beginning to the New York Philharmonic’s sensational new series of all Carl Nielsen’s symphonies and solo concertos!

String Quartets Vol. 1

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220575 (2012)
A dramatic breakthrough for both Langgaard’s unrestrained quartet art from the beginning of the 1900s and the young female Nightingale Quartet.

The Symphonic Edition Vol. 1

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226146 (2011)

The Masterworks Vol. 1 - Orchestral Music

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.206002 (2011)
The Danish National Symphony Orchestra's hailed recordings of Nielsen's orchestral music, including the six symphonies on both CD and DVD, now beautifully boxed

Piano Works Vol. 2

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220565 (2011)
This solo piano album presents Langgaard's wondrous world through a handful of significant world premiere recordings

Solo Violin Sonatas

Niels Otto Raasted
SACD 6.220563 (2010)
World premiere recording of Raasted’s Neo-Baroque solo violin sonatas in outstanding DXD sonics

Music of the Spheres

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220535 (2010)
Rued Langgaard’s most visionary works form the impressive conclusion to Dacapo’s acclaimed Dausgaard-Langgaard cycle


Rued Langgaard
BD 2.110409BD (2010)
Blu-ray version of the acclaimed DVD production of Rued Langgaard's doomsday opera

Orchestral Works

Knudåge Riisager
SACD 6.220584 (2010)
A sparkling SACD re-issue of Riisager's most colourful Neo-Classicist works


Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226079 (2009)
First recordings of newly unveiled and festive works by the great Danish composer

Works for violin and piano

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226063 (2009)
A most convincing love of music-making is evident in these works by the master Holmboe

The Key Masterpieces

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226101-02 (2009)
An outstanding introduction to the clear-sighted master of 20th-century Nordic music

Rose Garden Songs

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220561 (2009)
New SACD version of Langgaard’s alluring, mysterious a cappella works


Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220528-29 (2009)
Spectacular recording from Copenhagen Cathedral of one of the greatest Late Romantic organ works

The Symphonies [7-SACD box set]

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.200001 (2009)
All Langgaard’s 16 symphonies collected in one beautiful box; a watershed release!

Aquarellen über das Meer; Illustrations

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.226544 (2009)
World premiere of two colourful works by the "grandmother of electronic music", Else Marie Pade

Symphonies 15-16

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220519 (2008)
The last two symphonies and a handful of short pieces by the Romantic firebrand Langgaard

Symphonies Vol. 2

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224709 (2008)
Symphonies 1 and 4 from the remarkable Leif Kayser, who was also a Catholic priest


Otto Mortensen
CD 8.224704 (2008)
Simple, beautiful music by a classic Danish composer of the twentieth century

Jealousy - Suites, tangos and waltzes

Jacob Gade
SACD 6.220509 (2008)
The worldwide hit Tango Jalousie and many more of Jacob Gade’s festive orchestral pieces

String Quartets 7, 8, 9 and 10

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226059 (2008)
Nørgård’s latest string quartets recorded in close collaboration with four young musicians


Knudåge Riisager
SACD 6.220527 (2008)
First recording ever of the crazy, beautiful scandalous ballet fra 1928

String Quartets Vol. 2

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220522 (2008)
The new reference recording of Nielsen’s string quartets is now complete

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Peder Gram
CD 8.224718 (2008)
Gram’s masterpiece Symphony no. 2 from 1925 and Symphony no. 3, which was his last composition

Chamber Music Vol. 2

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226065 (2007)
The collected chamber works for violin – some of Nielsen’s most experimental music

Maskarade (DVD)

Carl Nielsen
DVD 2.110407 (2007)
The Danish "national opera" in a rebellious, witty new interpretation


Gunnar Berg
CD 8.226524 (2007)
Berg’s large, uncompromising twelve-tone cycle, 33 years in the making

Chamber Music Vol. 1

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226064 (2007)
Reference recording of the famous Wind Quintet and Nielsen’s shorter chamber works

Symphonies No. 2 and 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220516 (2007)
Two of Langgaard’s most colourful, optimistic symphonies

Music is a monster (DVD)

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
DVD 2.110406 (2007)
Jytte Rex’ portrait film of the composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

String Quartets Vol. 1

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220521 (2007)
Fantastic, innovative recording by The Danish String Quartet

Symphonies Vol. 1

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224708 (2007)
Premiere recording of clear, strong symphonies from the mid-twentieth century

Orchestral Music

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220518 (2007)
Prizewinning collection of Carl Nielsen’s shorter orchestral pieces – a revelation

Orchestral Works

Emil Reesen
CD 8.226031 (2007)
A Danish composer like no other: virtuosic, intriguing and bold

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Peder Gram
CD 8.224713 (2006)
Late Romantic music with heart and mind

Romantic Trombone Concertos

SACD 6.220526 (2006)
One of the world’s best trombonists shines in works by among others Holmboe and Launy Grøndahl

Symphonies 12-14

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220517 (2006)
Three symphonies that cover the whole field of Langgaard’s corrosive, schizophrenic view of music

Chamber Music

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226003 (2006)
Mature, compact works by a master of the art of characterization

Fra Højskolesangbogen

CD 8.224712 (2006)
Popular strophic songs from the songbook that lies at the core of Danish musical culture

The Little Match Girl; Die Seejungfrau

August Enna; Alexander Zemlinsky
CD 8.226048 (2006)
Zemlinsky meets Danish opera in a double tribute to Hans Christian Andersen

Piano Sonatas vol. 2

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.226030 (2006)
Dynamisk og gnistrende værker af efterkrigstidens enfant terrible i dansk musik


Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226032 (2005)
Strong works from the mid-twentieth century for cello, flute and piano

L'Homme Armé - Works for Solo Cello

CD 8.226007 (2005)
Monumental collection of new works for solo cello – virtuosic and powerful!

Ballet Music

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226022 (2005)
The Greenlandic orchestral explosion Qarrtsiluni and the masterpiece Moon Reindeer

Antikrist (DVD)

Rued Langgaard
DVD 2.110402 (2005)
Langgaard’s ecstatic vision of doom in prizewinning recording. Indescribable!

Orchestral Works

Tage Nielsen
CD 8.224702 (2005)
Sophisticated music 1967-2001 by a master with a small but exquisite output

Passage - Danish Piano Trios

Trio Ondine
CD 8.226009 (2005)
Danish piano trios throughout a century, including an unknown work of Carl Nielsen’s youth


Carl Nielsen
CD 6.220507-08 (2004)
Nielsen’s stage masterpiece in a classic recording with the conductor John Frandsen

Chamber Music

Svend Westergaard
CD 8.224705 (2004)
Premiere recordings of Svend Westergaard’s succinct, aesthetic works

Piano Works

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226004 (2004)
Highly acclaimed CD of Riisager’s emphatic, witty piano music from the mid-twentieth century

Works for cello and piano

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.226015 (2004)
Intense variations on the Song of the Volga Boatmen and two major sonatas

Works for a cappella Choir

Niels Otto Raasted
CD 8.224701 (2004)
Neo-Baroque choral music by “the Danish Reger”

Orchestral Works Vol. 4

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226027 (2004)
Koppel’s two great successes of the post-war era: Piano Concerto no. 3 and Symphony no. 5

Sinfonias I-IV

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226017-18 (2004)
Four intense string works that together form the major work Kairos

Electronic Music

Jørgen Plaetner
CD 8.226511 (2004)
Major works of 1960s electronic music in enhanced sound quality


Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.226013 (2004)
Chamber opera based on Lorca’s erotic, surreal drama

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Bo Holten
CD 8.224214 (2004)
Virtuoso, ecstatic choral music by a master of the art

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226016 (2003)
Two moving symphonies from the end of World War II

String Quartets Vol. 1

Ole Schmidt
CD 8.224210 (2003)
Chamber music from 50 years, recorded in the presence of the composer

From the Merry Life of a Spy

Art of Brass Copenhagen
CD 8.226001 (2003)
Sparklingly incisive performance of a virtuoso brass quintet

Music for Cello and Piano

Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.224222 (2003)
The ethnomusicologist Rovsing Olsen was inspired by both Arab and French music

Face It

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.224233 (2002)
Symphonie Magnetophonique, a major work of musique concrète

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224205 (2002)
World premiere of Koppel’s first two symphonies, quite unreservedly unheard for over 70 years

Chamber Music

Herman D. Koppel, Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224208 (2002)
Klaversekstetter af mellemkrigstidens stærke og stædige klaverkomponister

Requiem for Nietzsche

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224207 (2002)
An impressive, uncompromising oratorio based on the life of Nietzsche – a major work in Danish music

Et Glasperlespil

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.224209 (2002)
Fascinating 12-tone mosaic by “the grandmother of electronic music”

Works for Organ

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224167 (2001)
The monumental Concerto for Organ and other works by the great Danish organ composer

String Quartets Vol. 6

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224128 (2001)
Penultimate CD in the definitive series with String Quartets 17, 19 and 20, written in the 1980s

Complete Symphonies (3CD Box Set)

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.203130 (2001)
Authoritative recording of all six symphonies based on the new edition of the music

Symphonies Nos. 1 & 6

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224169 (2001)
Nielsen’s vital debut and his enigmatic, surreal last work in the genre

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224135 (2000)
Den opsigtsvækkende serie begynder med Koppels to sidste symfonier og Koncert for orkester

The Tower of Babel

Ludolf Nielsen
CD 8.224157 (2000)
Et visionært storværk fra den danske symbolisme, indspillet for første gang

Preludes for Sinfonietta Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224123 (2000)
Premiereindspilning af Vagn Holmboes sidste værkrække, en bøn for Moder Natur

Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224156 (2000)

Music for Wind Quintet

Nielsen, Mortensen, Jersild, Wellejus
CD 8.224151 (2000)
Kammermusikalsk perfektion i værkerne af bl.a. Carl Nielsen og Jørgen Jersild

Apollo's Art

Bernhard Lewkovitch
CD 8.224152 (2000)
Madrigaler og motetter af en kompromisløs mester i nordisk musik

Chamber Music

Jørgen Bentzon
CD 8.224129 (2000)
Piano sextets by strong, persistent piano composers of the inter-war years

Dronning Dagmar

Poul Schierbeck
CD 8.224104 (1999)
Raffinerede værker for sang og orkester af Carl Nielsens yndlingselev

Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224126 (1999)

String Quartets Vol. 5

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224127 (1999)
Strygekvartet nr. 13-15, skrevet i en intens periode midt i 1970’erne

Symphonies Nos. 5 and 7

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224111 (1999)
Vital og vittig musik af efterkrigstidens enfant terrible i dansk musikliv

Musical Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen

CD 8.224099 (1999)
Tre orkesterværker fra det 20. århundrede skrevet over eventyr af H.C. Andersen

A Noone of Night

Palle Mikkelborg
CD 8.224144 (1999)
Spirituel og himmelsk smuk kormusik af den berømte jazztrompetist Palle Mikkelborg

Piano Concerto no. 4

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224110 (1999)
Et hovedværk af den ekstremt produktive komponist og pianist

String Quartets

Rued Langgaard
DCCD 9302A-B (1999)
En indspilning, der har været en milesten i genopdagelsen af en enestående komponist

Yndigt dufter Danmark

Svend S. Schultz
CD 8.224108 (1999)
Schultz’ elskede kormusik er essensen af den korte danske sommer


Nancy Dahlberg
CD 8.224138 (1999)
Musikalsk portræt af en af Danmarks første kvindelige komponister

Piano Sonatas Vol. 1

Niels V. Bentzon
CD 8.224103 (1999)
Three selected sonatas by the unstoppable loner of piano music


Jørgen Bentzon
CD 8.224119 (1999)
An original inter-war composer who makes music speak and tell a story

Piano Music

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224095-96 (1998)
Reference recording by the composer Herman D. Koppel, who as a young man rehearsed the works with Carl Nielsen himself

String Quartets Vol. 4

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224101 (1998)
Three strong quartets from the beginning of the 1970s – a very fruitful period for Holmboe

Chamber Concertos Vol. 4

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224087 (1998)
The last four of the fantastic series of Holmboe’s short instrumental concertos

Chamber Music

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.224081 (1997)
Acute, pointed music from the most sparkling Danish composer of the 1920s

Orchestral Works

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.224082 (1997)
Riisager’s music has the same esprit as his French models, not least in his infectious ballet music from the 1930s

String Quartets Vol. 3

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224073 (1997)
Grand recordings of String Quartets 7, 8 and 9, composed in the mid-1960s

Chamber Concertos Vol. 3

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224086 (1997)
Concerto no. 7 for oboe, Concerto no. 9 for violin and viola, and no. 8, which is a “Concerto for orchestra”

Chamber Concertos Vol. 2

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224063 (1997)
Top Danish soloists meet in a lively interplay of violin, viola and piano trio

Chamber Concertos Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224038 (1996)
First-recordings of a fantastic series of works: 13 solo concertos written in an outburst that extended just a few years

Oboe and Piano

CD 8.224043 (1996)

Orchestral Works

Henning Wellejus
CD 8.224040 (1996)


Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224046 (1996)

Chamber Music

Jan Maegaard
CD 8.224050 (1996)
Labyrinths and canons by the most learned man of the avant-garde, the Schoenberg expert Jan Maegaard

Works for Classical Accordion

CD 8.224028 (1996)
The Norwegian virtuoso Geir Draugsvoll plays works by among others Andy Pape and Ejnar Kanding

String Quartets Vol. 2

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224026 (1996)
String Quartets 2, 5 and 6, the starting shots for Holmboe’s immersion in the genre


Poul Schierbeck
CD 8.224017 (1995)
Schierbeck’s romances and song cycles show he was Carl Nielsen’s best pupil

Works for Organ

CD 8.224018 (1995)
Organ meets harp and percussion in works from the end of the 20th century


Holmboe, H.D. Koppel, Norby, T. Nielsen
CD 8.224010 (1995)
Songs from the post-war era by among others Herman D. Koppel and Vagn Holmboe

Mød mig på Cassiopeia

Kai Normann Andersen
DCCD 9421 (1995)
Only recording of the beloved Danish musical evergreen

Wind Quintets

CD 8.224001 (1994)
Carl Nielsen’s masterpiece and more recent quintets by Abrahamsen, Holmboe and Nørgård

Wind Octets

CD 8.224002 (1994)
Three generations of Danish composers in the hands of a prizewinning wind ensemble

Works for Organ

Leif Thybo
CD 8.224009 (1994)
Neoclassical music from one the greatest Danish names on the organ


Bent Lorentzen
DCCD 9314 (1993)
To imødekommende koncerter for obo og trompet i alle regnbuens farver

Music for Guitar

Rovsing Olsen, Nørholm, Nørgård, Gerfors, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
DCCD 9316 (1993)
The guitarist Erling Møldrup is a unique catalyst for Danish composers of today

Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4

Niels Viggo Bentzon
DCCD 9102 (1993)
Sparkling example of Bentzon as the strongest post-war orchestral composer in Denmark

String Quartets Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
DCCD 9203 (1993)
The start of the prizewinning series, played by four musician with a close links with the composer. A must!

Vocal and Instrumental Works

Bernhard Lewkovitch
DCCD 9207-08 (1993)
Double CD offering a retrospective portrait of a unique figure in recent Danish sacred music

Works for A Cappella Choir

Vagn Holmboe
DCCD 9204 (1993)
Perfect, insightful interpretations of Holmboe’s powerful, robust choral music

Vocal & Instrumental Works

Jørgen Jersild
DCCD 9108 (1993)
Jersild’s fine Harp Concerto and other works in the Danish-French vein

Orchestral Works

Svend Erik Tarp
DCCD 9005 (1992)
Danish Neoclassicism of the finest kind – and with plenty of humour

Orchestral & Chamber Works

Niels Rosing-Schow
DCCD 9110 (1992)
Sophisticated, succinct chamber works from Niels Rosing-Schow’s breakthrough years in the 1980s

Organ Music

Bent Lorentzen
DCCD 9009 (1992)
In the organ laboratory with the quirky and inventive Bent Lorentzen

Electro-acustic Music from DIEM

Siegel, Frounberg, Plaetner, Fuzzy
DCCD 9101 (1992)
Four Danish pioneers of electro-acoustic music: Jørgen Plaetner, Wayne Siegel, Ivar Frounberg and Fuzzy

Orchestral and Chamber Music Works

Gunnar Berg
DCCD 9007 (1992)
Three works for flute and orchestra by the fervent serialist of the post-war period


Per Nørgård
DCCD 9002 (1992)
The international star Pinchas Zukerman as soloist in Nørgård’s violin concerto Remembering Child

Passion Fruits

Sven Erik Werner
DCCD 9104 (1992)

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