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The Symphonies (DVD)

Ludwig van Beethoven
DVD 2.110417-22 (2016)

45 Symphonies

W.A. Mozart
CD 8.201201 (2013)
The most incisive and vital recording in our time of all of Mozart’s symphonies. A treasury of discoveries and rediscoveries.

Music for Piano

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224228 (2003)
Subtle, very well wrought music in the Vienna-Classical style

Flute Sonatas

Johann Adolph Scheibe and Morten Ræhs
CD 8.224213 (2003)
Flute sonatas in the lush, ‘galant’ style of the mid-1700s

The Sleeping Draught

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224149-50 (2001)
Complete recording of the charming and lively Singspiel that became one of the hits of the 1800s in Danish music

Piano Sonatas

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224140 (2001)
Four brilliant, talented sonatas from around the year 1800

The Hallelujah of Creation

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224070 (1998)
Kunzen’s oratorio and his only symphony are jewels of Danish Vienna Classicism

Holger Danske

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224036-37 (1995)

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