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Piano Works Vol. 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220631 (2017)

Piano Works

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226122 (2017)


Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.226078 (2017)

EMP RMX 333 – a tribute to Else Marie Pade (1924-2016)

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.226593 (2016)


Bent Sørensen
CD 8.226134 (2016)

The Organ Works

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220635 (2016)

The Symphonies (DVD)

Ludwig van Beethoven
DVD 2.110417-22 (2016)

The Symphonies (Blu-ray)

Ludwig van Beethoven
BD 2.110423-25BD (2016)

Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew

Sunleif Rasmussen
CD 8.226175 (2016)

The Green Groves

Peter Bruun
CD 8.226571 (2016)

Green Ground

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.226153 (2016)


Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.226120 (2016)

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen
DVD 2.110415 (2016)

More French Pieces

CD 8.224727 (2016)


Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.226126 (2016)

Sinfonietta Works

Ole Buck
CD 8.226589 (2016)

Decet & String Quartet

Gustav Helsted
CD 8.226111 (2016)

Me Quitte

Niels Rønsholdt
CD 8.226592 (2016)

Symphonies 4 & 5

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220646 (2016)

Symphonies 2 & 6

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220645 (2016)

Odna Zhizn · Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4 · Prospero's Rooms

Christopher Rouse
CD 8.226110 (2016)

Symphony No. 9

Paul von Klenau
CD 8.226098-99 (2016)

Herbert Blomstedt conducts the Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Schubert & Bruckner
DVD 2.110416 (2016)

Works for Wind Quintet

Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.226090 (2016)


John Frandsen
CD 8.226582 (2016)

Buxtehude and his Circle

SACD 6.220634 (2016)


Bent Sørensen
SACD 6.220629 (2016)

MANIFEST – But There's No Need To Shout

Simon Christensen
CD 8.226587 (2016)

Saul & David

Carl Nielsen
DVD 2.110412 (2015)

Danish Romantic Piano Trios

Gade, Lange-Müller & Langgaard
CD 8.226119 (2015)

Viola Works

Axel Borup-Jørgensen
CD 8.226584 (2015)

Organ Works

Bruhns & Scheidemann
SACD 6.220636 (2015)

The Complete Organ Works

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.206005 (2015)

Songs & Movements

Jeppe Just Christensen
CD 8.226548 (2015)


Lars Graugaard
SACD 6.220628 (2015)

Five Danish Piano Trios

Nørholm, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Hvidtfelt-Nielsen, Hegaard, Koch
CD 8.226583 (2015)

ReWrite of Spring

Lars Møller
CD 8.226117-18 (2015)

Sounds Like You

Bent Sørensen | Peter Asmussen
SACD 6.220632 (2015)

Thomas Kingo's Sacred Song Books

CD 8.226121 (2015)


Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220556 (2015)

The Symphonies & Concertos

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.200003 (2015)


Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220641-42 (2015)

Double Triple Koppel

Anders Koppel
SACD 6.220633 (2015)

Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal
CD 8.226113 (2015)

Seeing New Music

Denise Burt
Book 9979690BK (2015)

Piano Quartets 1 & 2

Friedrich Kuhlau
SACD 6.220596 (2015)

There is a spell upon your lips

Martin Lutz
CD 8.224724 (2015)

Symphonies 5 and 6

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220625 (2015)

Songs for choir

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220569 (2014)

Works for Choir and Organ

Niels la Cour
CD 8.224725 (2014)
Timeless choral and organ works by one of our time’s most-performed Danish com¬posers of sacred music


Axel Borup-Jørgensen
CD 8.226576 (2014)
Four chamber works from the 1960s and 1970s, where every single note is given minute attention


Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.226580 (2014)
New chamber works by the French-inspired Niels Rosing-Schow, who creates new alloys of the sounds of instruments

Busy Bees and Birds

Mogens Christensen
CD 8.226543 (2014)
Recorder works from the past 20 years, inspired by birdsong, buzzing beehives and the night sounds of nature

Black Box Music

Simon Steen-Andersen
DVD 2.110413 (2014)
Simon Steen-Andersen’s audiovisual happening is razor-sharp and screamingly funny – the deserving winner of the Nordic Council’s Music Prize

Marimba Concertos

Anders Koppel
SACD 6.220595 (2014)
Effervescent, jazzy music for marimba and symphony orchestra, played with trem¬en¬dous talent by 19-year-old Marianna Bednarska

String Quartets Vol. 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220577 (2014)
Third and last album in the epoch-making series that makes the picture of Lang¬gaard’s many-faceted personality clearer then ever

Wood Works (LP)

LP DAC-LP001 (2014)
A true hipster version on vinyl of the Danish Album of the Year 2015 with Nordic folk music for string quartet

Symphonies 1 and 4

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220624 (2014)
The New York Philharmonic plays “The Inextinguishable” and Nielsen’s First Symphony with irresistible dynamism and energy


John Frandsen
SACD 6.220649-50 (2014)
A moving sacred work for the present: John Frandsen’s magnificent Requiem embraces all expressions in a prayer for humanity

Violin Sonatas Vol. 1

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.226082 (2014)
Four sonatas by Kuhlau, who with his wide network was the most international composer in the Danish music of the 1820s and 1830s

Symphonies 1 & 8

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220574 (2014)
The Vienna Philharmonic’s overwhelming recording of Per Nørgård’s newest sym¬phony (2011) and the debut symphony from the 1950s

Wood Works (CD)

CD 8.226081 (2014)
Danish Release of the Year 2015: Nordic folk music in groovy and meltingly beautiful original arrangements for string quartet

Light Imprisoned

Anders Nordentoft
CD 8.226577 (2014)
A new, masterful cello concerto and other cello works by Anders Nordentoft, com¬posed especially for the virtuoso Henrik Brendstrup


CD 8.226572 (2014)
Works for saxophone and percussion written at the turn of the millennium by among others Simon Steen-Andersen and Niels Marthinsen. Hard-hitting!

Chimes of Memory

CD 8.226561 (2014)
Danish music’s all-round handyman and whizz-kid finds imaginative tones on the organ, grand piano and electronic instruments

Mixed Company

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.226114 (2014)
A large-scale work cycle for chamber orchestra and singing voices, based on John Dowland’s Renaissance melody Flow my tears

Dust encapsulated

Rune Glerup
CD 8.226578 (2014)
Portrait CD with acoustic and electronic works by Rune Glerup (b. 1981), who trained in Berlin and Paris

The Golden Age of Danish Partsongs

SACD 6.220568 (2014)
Paul Hillier’s interpretations of choral classics by among others Gade, Carl Nielsen and Weyse sung to perfection by Ars Nova Copenhagen

The Symphonic Edition Vol. 3

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226148 (2014)
Riisager’s Fourth and Fifth Symphony and other orchestral works from the 1940s. Witty, provocative and scintillating neoclassicism

Through the Looking Glass

CD 8.226579 (2013)
Superior deployment of artistic freedom from the trio Alpha, who reinterpret modern works by among others Per Nørgård and Bent Sørensen

String Quartets Vol. 2

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220576 (2013)
A world of hypersensitive romanticism. The Nightingale Quartet play Langgaard’s works for string quartet with raw nerve.

Early & Late

SACD 6.220640 (2013)
Nordic folk music and contemporary avant-garde meet in a unique combination of violin, recorder and accordion

45 Symphonies

W.A. Mozart
CD 8.201201 (2013)
The most incisive and vital recording in our time of all of Mozart’s symphonies. A treasury of discoveries and rediscoveries.

Chamber Music

Jørgen Jersild
CD 8.226072 (2013)
A sophisticated stylist from the middle of the 20th century. Jørgen Jersild brought a French tone to Danish music

Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music

Sunleif Rasmussen
SACD 6.220643 (2013)

Songs for Male Voices

Peter Heise
SACD 6.220598 (2013)
Charming choral songs and quartets from the Danish Golden age. Long live woman, art and the fatherland!

Royal Recorder Concertos

Graupner, Scheibe, Graun, Schickhardt
SACD 6.220630 (2013)
Virtuoso music for recorder and orchestra as it sounded at the music-loving Danish court in the 1700s

Be My Quiet Friend

Morten Olsen
CD 8.226532 (2013)
Morten Olsen, composer, bassist and guitarist in many genres, combining jazz fusion and performance with scored music

Fête galante

Poul Schierbeck
SACD 6.220637-38 (2013)
A true operatic feast: Schierbeck’s Fete galante from 1931 is lyrical and warm, glitteringly orchestrated and has Denmark’s best singers in the main roles

EXPO - Piano Concerto No. 2 - Al largo

Magnus Lindberg
CD 8.226076 (2013)
The New York Philharmonic with chief conductor Alan Gilbert in three new works by Magnus Lindberg, one of the Nordic composers with the most infectious delight in music

The Symphonic Edition Vol. 2

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226147 (2013)
Riisager’s orchestral music from the 1920s and 1930s is a virtuosic jumble of moods. Festive, cheeky and enthusiastic about the future

Carion plays Koppel - Wind Quintets

Herman D. Koppel, Anders Koppel, Benjamin Koppel
CD 8.226107 (2013)
Vital and playful chamber music from three generations of a unique Danish musician family: Herman, Anders and Benjamin Koppel

An Amerikaner in Danmark

Andy Pape
SACD 6.220567 (2013)
A self-ironic tribute to Gershwin from the Californian Andy Pape, who after 40 years in Denmark stands with a foot in each of two continents

Phantasmagoria - Danish Piano Trios

Per Nørgård, Bent Sørensen, Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.226108 (2013)
Three masterworks by Per Nørgård, Hans Abrahamsen and Bent Sørensen. Profound, sensual music with Nordic cool

String Quartets

C.F.E. Horneman & Asger Hamerik
CD 8.226097 (2013)
Vital youthful works by the two cousins Horneman and Hamerik, who gave Danish Romanticism new colours and a new mood

Before Heaven, Before Earth - Symphonies 1 and 2

Søren Nils Eichberg
CD 8.226109 (2013)
Søren Nils Eichberg grabs the audience with his dynamic and effective mastery of the grand orchestra

La Notte

Bent Sørensen
CD 8.226045 (2013)
Bent Sørensen’s captivating piano concerto La Notte from 1998 is a marvel of beauty: the night as dream and reality


Vagn Holmboe
SACD 6.220599 (2013)
“One of the best viola concertos ever penned” (Gramophone) and an equally masterly violin concerto from Holmboe’s last years

Auxiliary Blue

Ejnar Kanding / Frank Bretschneider
CD 8.226540 (2013)
An experimental encounter between the electronics cult figure Frank Bret¬schneider from Berlin and the classically schooled Ejnar Kanding from Denmark

Peinture du temps - Works for sinfonietta

Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.226557 (2013)
Sound magic from the world of spectral music in five exquisite chamber works by the Francophile composer Niels Rosing-Schow

Pipes and Reeds

Mogens Christensen
CD 8.226574 (2013)
Dreaming, slow music for Japanese shakuhachi flute, organ and electronics. Three works that take you on a spiritual journey

Agnete's Laughter

Birgitte Alsted
CD 8.226575 (2013)
Prizewinning electro-acoustic sound collages based on the folk tale of Agnete and the Merman

Venus' Wheel - Works for Choir

Bo Holten
CD 8.226062 (2012)
New works by Bo Holten, one of the ablest choral composers and directors of our time, here fronting the Flemish Radio Choir

Violin Works

Knudåge Riisager
SACD 6.220594 (2012)
The violin was Riisager’s own instrument, and in the violin works we hear his inimitable, roguish personality as directly as we could wish

Songs from Evening Land - Helene Gjerris sings Per Nørgård

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226060 (2012)
Intense, innovative songs and vocal works from half a century, recorded in close collaboration with the composer

Chamber Music (II)

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226074 (2012)
Five works for different chamber ensembles, where the meeting of the instruments creates strong, natural forms

Symphonies 2 and 3

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220623 (2012)
An explosive beginning to the New York Philharmonic’s sensational new series of all Carl Nielsen’s symphonies and solo concertos!

The Rainbow Snake - Orchestral Songs and Symphonic Works

Erik Norby
CD 8.226096 (2012)
Orchestral magic in one of the most impressive orchestra pieces of the 1970s with sophisticated, almost Late Romantic sounds.

Solo and Chamber Works for Guitar

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226143 (2012)
Transparent, poetic music by Holmboe, who was captivated at a late age by the unique possibilities of the guitar.

Piano Concerto and Orchestral Works

Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.226038 (2012)
Brilliant music from the 1950s by a composer with an unusually international outlook. A real discovery!


Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220622 (2012)
Enchanting vocal music with a vision of a world in ecstatic balance. A vocal tour de force in spectacular sound quality.

Sceneries for percussion and ensemble

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226092 (2012)
Four magical, virtuosic percussion works inspired by the forms of nature and eastern mysticism.

Erotic Hymns

Bent Lorentzen
CD 8.226568 (2012)
Intense music for baritone and organ, where the religious and the erotic meet to texts from three centuries.

Chamber Symphonies

Vagn Holmboe
SACD 6.220621 (2012)
A master composer in concentrated format. Holmboe’s razor-sharp chamber symphonies encapsulate the essence of his art.

Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012

CD 8.226559-60 (2012)
A cavalcade of electronic works created over 25 years by a wide selection of Danish composers at the Danish Institute for Electronic Music.

A Hand for Holmboe

Katrine Ring
CD 8.226569 (2012)
The well known Danish DJ Katrine Ring deconstructs and remixes Vagn Holmboe’s Chamber Concertos from the 1940s.

The Masterworks Vol. 2 - Chamber and Instrumental Works

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.206003 (2012)
All Dacapo’s latest recordings of Carl Nielsen’s chamber and piano works, played by Danish musicians with Nielsen’s absolutely distinctive tone in their blood.

Spaces and Places

Bruun, Agerfeldt Olesen, Snekkestad, Holmen, Olsen
CD 8.226573 (2012)
Brand new solo works, played by a single flute in the unique medieval abbey church at Løgumkloster.

Will-o’-the-Wisps in Town; Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226085 (2012)
Chamber version of Per Nørgård’s left-field cantata based on Hans Christian Andersen’s crazy tale. DVD with documentary film about the performance enclosed!Chamber version of Per Nørgård’s left-field

String Quartets Vol. 1

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220575 (2012)
A dramatic breakthrough for both Langgaard’s unrestrained quartet art from the beginning of the 1900s and the young female Nightingale Quartet.

Accordion Concertos

Per Nørgård, Ole Schmidt, Anders Koppel, Martin Lohse
SACD 6.220592 (2012)
The internationally famous virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen makes the accordion an irresistible solo instrument in four energetic concertos from the past 50 years.

The song I'll never sing - Works for Accordion

Kasper Rofelt
CD 8.226564 (2012)
Magical new music written specifically for the young accordion virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen. Minimalistic and virtuosic all at the same time.

Orchestral Works

Finn Høffding
CD 8.226080 (2012)
Original, subtle music from Finn Høffding, who was a pupil of Carl Nielsen and became one of the inter-war period’s most important composers.


Bent Sørensen & Johannes Ockeghem
SACD 6.220571 (2012)
Paul Hillier conducts Ockeghem’s famous Requiem from the 1400s, completed in our own time by Bent Sørensen. A uniquely beautiful encounter.

Tavole per Orfeo

Ib Nørholm
CD 8.226068 (2012)
Exquisite, poetic songs for soprano and guitar, written in the 1960s by a classic master of Danish music.

Dance and Detours

Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen
CD 8.226565 (2012)
Rhythmic, precise chamber works from the 21st century where princes and mermaids take dangerous detours.

Chamber Music Works with Piano

Gunnar Berg
CD 8.226547 (2012)
Uncompromising music from the 1950s and 1960s by one of Denmark’s most acute, international modernists.


Wayne Siegel
CD 8.226566 (2012)
Pioneering works by the American-born composer Wayne Siegel, where the computer interacts with acoustic instruments and the human voice.

Orchestral Works

Christian Frederik Emil Horneman
SACD 6.220564 (2011)
Horneman’s most important orchestral works, whose rich colours, moods and infectious temperament are a culmination of the Danish Golden Age.

The Complete Narrative Works

Heinrich Schütz
CD 8.204035 (2011)
Box collection of Paul Hillier and Ars Nova Copenhagen’s highly acclaimed recordings of all of Schütz’s passions and narrative oratorios from the late Renaissance.

A Bridge of Dreams

Harrison, Edwards, Body, Sola, Boyd
SACD 6.220597 (2011)
Unusua music from the Pacific Rim featuring composers and poets from China, Japan, California, New Zealand and Australia recorded by Ars Nova Copenhagen and Paul Hillier

The Symphonic Edition Vol. 1

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226146 (2011)

Snapshot Symphony

Niels Marthinsen
CD 8.226545 (2011)

The Masterworks Vol. 1 - Orchestral Music

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.206002 (2011)
The Danish National Symphony Orchestra's hailed recordings of Nielsen's orchestral music, including the six symphonies on both CD and DVD, now beautifully boxed

Chamber Music (I)

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226073 (2011)
World premiere recording of rarely performed chamber works by Vagn Holmboe


Simon Christensen & Bill Morrison
BD 2.110411BD (2011)
In this art movie American filmmaker Bill Morrison and Danish composer Simon Christensen explores the theme of "pulse" in both music and film

Selma Jezková (Dancer in the Dark)

Poul Ruders
DVD 2.110410 (2011)
Poul Ruders' heart-rending opera from 2010 based on Lars von Trier's film "Dancer in the Dark"


Anders Koppel
CD 8.226052 (2011)
A long succession of original works, all bearing the mark of a special ability to communicate emotions and energy, powerfully and straightforwardly, between musicians and audience.

Skrammel & Tis - Klassiske musikfortællinger for børn

Rasmussen, A. Koppel, Pape
CD 8.224722 (2011)
To eventyrlige musikfortællinger og en skrammelkoncert - orkestermusik for børn på en ny måde

Distant Still - Trios for violin, horn and piano

Ruders, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Eichberg
CD 8.226549 (2011)
Contemporary works written for The Danish Horn Trio by Poul Ruders, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and Søren Nils Eichberg

String Quartets and Mezzo Saxophone Quintet

Anders Koppel
SACD 6.220566 (2011)
Jazz icon Benjamin Koppel had a special mezzo-soprano saxophone developed to perform and record this new quintet by his father

Works for cello and piano

Herman D. Koppel, Benjamin Koppel
CD 8.226088 (2011)
Expressive cello works by the doyen of the great Danish Koppel family of musicians, rounded off with a fantastical tribute work written by his grandson.

Letters to the Ocean

Peter Bruun
CD 8.226553 (2011)
Prize-winning composer Peter Bruun reveals his passionate relationship with the sea in this collection of inspired chamber works

Piano Works

Svend Erik Tarp
CD 8.226053 (2011)
Expressive piano music with a wealth of lyrical passages, infectious rhythms and captivating melodies

Piano Works Vol. 2

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220565 (2011)
This solo piano album presents Langgaard's wondrous world through a handful of significant world premiere recordings

Dancing Raindrops

Sunleif Rasmussen
CD 8.226567 (2011)
Five solo and chamber works combining echoes of traditional Faroese folk music with Baroque structures and electronically manipulated sounds


Heinrich Schütz
CD 8.226094 (2011)
Paul Hillier and his Ars Nova Copenhagen conclude their series of early Baroque master Heinrich Schütz’ vocal treasury

Fish & Fowl

Juliana Hodkinson; Niels Rønsholdt
CD 8.226550 (2011)
Two composers transform in an intimate and violent experiment their recorded chamber works into a total "super remix"

Pretty Sound - Solo and chamber works

Simon Steen-Andersen
CD 8.226523 (2011)
Profoundly original and humorous sound-games from the great composing talent of the youngest Danish generation. Simon Steen-Andersen.

Hymn to the Sun - Works for a cappella choir

Holmboe, Bruun, Nørgård, Holten, Koppel, Jersild, Ruders
CD 8.226051 (2010)
The Danish National Vocal Ensemble in newer works by some of Denmark’s internationally renowned composers

Oort Cloud

Jexper Holmen
CD 8.226562 (2010)
A 40-minute sphere of sound, inspired by the cloud of comets believed to surround the solar system a light-year away

The Natural World of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
SACD 6.220583 (2010)
Paul Hillier, a devoted admirer of Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, leads ARS NOVA through this extraordinary vocal performance


Anders Brødsgaard
CD 8.226551 (2010)
A grand tour into the orchestral galaxy of Anders Brødsgaard with the Odense Symphony Orchestra and Christopher Austin


Morten S. Danielsen
CD 8.226563 (2010)
A surreal and suicidal chamber opera in a variety of styles and expressions by the late Morten S. Danielsen

Scandinavian Cantatas

Dietrich Buxtehude
SACD 6.220534 (2010)
Grammy-winning ensemble Theatre of Voices and Paul Hillier in Buxtehude's rare works of his vocal music

Solo Violin Sonatas

Niels Otto Raasted
SACD 6.220563 (2010)
World premiere recording of Raasted’s Neo-Baroque solo violin sonatas in outstanding DXD sonics

Music of the Spheres

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220535 (2010)
Rued Langgaard’s most visionary works form the impressive conclusion to Dacapo’s acclaimed Dausgaard-Langgaard cycle

The Key Masterpieces

Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse
CD 8.226105-06 (2010)
The 3rd issue in Dacapo’s Perspectives series fully portrays this ingenious composer of the Danish Golden Age

The Complete String Quartets

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.207001 (2010)
7 CD box set of all Holmboe's string quartets in the highly acclaimed recordings by the Kontra Quartet

The Visit of the Royal Physician (DVD)

Bo Holten
DVD 2.110408 (2010)
Bo Holten's new and greatly received opera on DVD recorded live from the Royal Opera in Copenhagen


Rued Langgaard
BD 2.110409BD (2010)
Blu-ray version of the acclaimed DVD production of Rued Langgaard's doomsday opera

Die Sieben Worte; Johannes-Passion

Heinrich Schütz
CD 8.226093 (2010)
Another set of stunning Baroque works in the third volume of ARS NOVA's and Paul Hillier's now hailed Schütz series

Waltzes, Tangos and Cinema Music

Jacob Gade
CD 8.226057 (2010)
A cavalcade of well-wrought waltzes, tangos and 1920s "cinema music" by the composer of the world famous Tango Jalousie

Orchestral Works

Knudåge Riisager
SACD 6.220584 (2010)
A sparkling SACD re-issue of Riisager's most colourful Neo-Classicist works

Love Songs

Heise, Weyse & Lange-Müller
CD 8.226141 (2010)
Love songs by three masters of Danish Romanticism performed by Mathias Hedegaard

Der göttliche Tivoli

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220572-73 (2010)
A marvellous portrayal of Swizz artist Adolf Wölfli and a key-work in Nordic music drama


Voigt-Lund, Riis, C.W. Christensen, Holmen, Steen-Andersen, Christensen
CD 8.226530 (2010)
String quartet meets electronica - the result is effortless, virtuoso and colourful music

A Light Hour

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226100 (2010)
A world wide percussion journey brilliantly realized by Gert Mortensen and his ensemble Percurama

Conversations for violin and piano

Koppel, Nørgård, Ruders, Rosing-Schow, Nordentoft
CD 8.226519 (2009)
One hour of short youthful and charming pieces by five important post-war composers

The Symphonies [4-SACD Box set]

Asger Hamerik
SACD 6.200002 (2009)
Denmark’s most international 19th-century composer steps out in all his romantic orchestral glory

The Key Masterpieces

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.226103-04 (2009)
A portrait of the key figure of Danish National Romanticism, who embraced all genres


Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226079 (2009)
First recordings of newly unveiled and festive works by the great Danish composer

Four Dances

Poul Ruders
CD 8.226028 (2009)
Orchestral magician Poul Ruders is just as unique when he writes for chamber ensemble

Weihnachtshistorie; Auferstehungshistorie

Heinrich Schütz
CD 8.226058 (2009)
Two Masterly examples of the Early Vocal Baroque with Ars Nova Copenhagen and Paul Hillier

Works for violin and piano

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226063 (2009)
A most convincing love of music-making is evident in these works by the master Holmboe

Echoes of Dreamless Fragments

Mogens Christensen
CD 8.226521 (2009)
The computer meets acoustic instruments in dreaming, colourful music

Piano Works

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226089 (2009)
Animals, friends and The Beatles appear on this collection of Nørgård’s imaginative piano music

The Key Masterpieces

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226101-02 (2009)
An outstanding introduction to the clear-sighted master of 20th-century Nordic music


Gunnar Berg
CD 8.226526 (2009)
New fascinating pieces to add to the jigsaw of the enigmatic 12-tone composer Gunnar Berg

Rose Garden Songs

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220561 (2009)
New SACD version of Langgaard’s alluring, mysterious a cappella works

Romantic Violin Concertos

N.W. Gade, Lange-Müller, Langgaard
SACD 6.220562 (2009)
Languishingly beautiful music played with soul and brilliance by Christina Åstrand


Poul Ruders
CD 8.226034 (2009)
Ruders’ international success Concerto in Pieces and virtuoso concertos for violin and percussion

Chamber Music and Songs

Bo Lundby-Jæger
CD 8.226533 (2009)
The fantastic mezzo Helene Gjerris is the soloist in works by the many-talented Bo Lundby-Jæger


Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220528-29 (2009)
Spectacular recording from Copenhagen Cathedral of one of the greatest Late Romantic organ works


Heinrich Schütz
CD 8.226019 (2009)
The intense rigour of Schütz’ music is in perfect hands with Paul Hillier

Sonatas for violin and piano

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226066 (2009)
The three violin sonatas by the most famous Danish composer of the Romantic era


Klaus Ib Jørgensen
CD 8.226505 (2009)
Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa’s texts transformed into a major work of contemporary Danish music


Per Nørgård
CD 8.226067 (2009)
Three celestial, dazzlingly beautiful works for soprano that explore the harmony of the universe

Symphonies 3 and 7

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220547 (2009)
Sensational recording of Nørgård’s 7th Symphony and his epoch-making Symphony no. 3

The Symphonies [7-SACD box set]

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.200001 (2009)
All Langgaard’s 16 symphonies collected in one beautiful box; a watershed release!

Aquarellen über das Meer; Illustrations

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.226544 (2009)
World premiere of two colourful works by the "grandmother of electronic music", Else Marie Pade


Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
SACD 6.220533 (2009)
The latest masterpiece by Holmgreen is a sparkling piano concerto in nine surprising movements

Symphonies 15-16

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220519 (2008)
The last two symphonies and a handful of short pieces by the Romantic firebrand Langgaard

Symphonies Vol. 2

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224709 (2008)
Symphonies 1 and 4 from the remarkable Leif Kayser, who was also a Catholic priest

Danske Revy Legender

DCCD 9824-26 (2008)
The biggest revue artists and the best known songs – find them all in this box!

In a Silent Way

Morten Olsen
CD 8.226525 (2008)
24 gongs and Miles Davis haunt the all-round artist Morten Olsen’s new works

Kronos plays Holmgreen

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
SACD 6.220548 (2008)
The world-famous American Kronos Quartet plays three of Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s lush works

Miki Alone - Seven songs for a mad woman

Peter Bruun
CD 8.226555 (2008)
Virtuos kammeropera belønnet med Nordisk Råds Musikpris

Taverner & Tudor Music II

John Taverner
CD 8.226056 (2008)
Taverner’s monumental mass Gloria Tibi Trinitas and music by among others Tallis and William Byrd


Otto Mortensen
CD 8.224704 (2008)
Simple, beautiful music by a classic Danish composer of the twentieth century

Flute Sonatas

N.P. Jensen
CD 8.226054 (2008)
The blind nineteenth-century composer is a great rediscovery

A fall from the perfect ground

C.W. Christensen, M. Olsen, N. Rosing-Schow, K.I. Jørgensen, I. Frounberg
CD 8.226537 (2008)
The French ensemble Alternance plays Danish music from the 21st century

String Quartets nos. 1, 2 and 3

Paul von Klenau
CD 8.226075 (2008)
Seething and boiling – intense quartets caught between two world wars


Hanne Ørvad
CD 8.226534 (2008)
Spacious, magical choral music sung by three virtuoso ensembles

Works for guitar

Poul Ruders
CD 8.226542 (2008)
Værker gennem 25 år med guitaren som solist og i ensemble

Jealousy - Suites, tangos and waltzes

Jacob Gade
SACD 6.220509 (2008)
The worldwide hit Tango Jalousie and many more of Jacob Gade’s festive orchestral pieces

String Quartets 7, 8, 9 and 10

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226059 (2008)
Nørgård’s latest string quartets recorded in close collaboration with four young musicians

Episodes and Collisions

Jørgen Plaetner
CD 8.226520 (2008)
Acoustic chamber music by the electronic music pioneer Jørgen Plaetner

Double Concertos

Anders Koppel
CD 8.226055 (2008)
Dancing, imaginative music with major roles for saxophone, piano, violin and accordion


Knudåge Riisager
SACD 6.220527 (2008)
First recording ever of the crazy, beautiful scandalous ballet fra 1928

Symphony No. 1

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220525 (2008)
The amazing breakthrough work by the child prodigy Langgaard is still Denmark’s biggest symphony

String Quartets Vol. 2

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220522 (2008)
The new reference recording of Nielsen’s string quartets is now complete

Chamber Music Vol. 3

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.557250 (2008)
The six sonatas without opus numbers conclude a unique series of CDs

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Peder Gram
CD 8.224718 (2008)
Gram’s masterpiece Symphony no. 2 from 1925 and Symphony no. 3, which was his last composition

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Anders Brødsgaard
CD 8.226514 (2008)
A cycle of piano works where improvisational imagination and systematic rigour meet

Chamber Music Vol. 2

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226065 (2007)
The collected chamber works for violin – some of Nielsen’s most experimental music

Organ Works Vol. 6

Dietrich Buxtehude
SACD 6.220530 (2007)
Conclusion of Bine Bryndorf’s complete Buxtehude series. New reference recording!

Maskarade (DVD)

Carl Nielsen
DVD 2.110407 (2007)
The Danish "national opera" in a rebellious, witty new interpretation

Granito y arco iris

Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.226535 (2007)
New works for chamber and symphony orchestra by the colour magician of Danish music

String against string

Sunleif Rasmussen
CD 8.226044 (2007)
The prizewinning Violin Concerto no. 1 and two string quartets by the leading composer of the Faroe

Secret Melodies

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226037 (2007)
The English pianist Rolf Hind takes centre stage in works by Nørgård – and himself


Gunnar Berg
CD 8.226524 (2007)
Berg’s large, uncompromising twelve-tone cycle, 33 years in the making


Abrahamsen, Nørholm, Kayser, Buch etc.
CD 8.226541 (2007)
Danish recorder works from the past 50 years played by an outstanding trio

Serenades and Romances

Nielsen, Weyse, Lange-Müller, Kunzen
CD 8.226012 (2007)
Smiles and longings of a summer night embodied by the young tenor Mathias Hedegaard

Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornetts Christoph Rilke

Paul von Klenau
SACD 6.220532 (2007)
A rediscovered major Late Romantic work for baritone, choir and orchestra

Chamber Music Vol. 1

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.226064 (2007)
Reference recording of the famous Wind Quintet and Nielsen’s shorter chamber works

Symphonies No. 2 and 3

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220516 (2007)
Two of Langgaard’s most colourful, optimistic symphonies

Butterfly Valley

Svend Nielsen
CD 8.224706 (2007)
A born classic: virtuoso a cappella cycle of Inger Christensen’s famous sonnets

Concertos and solo works for harpsichord

J.G.W. Palschau and J.A.P. Schulz
CD 8.226040 (2007)
Crisp, lively harpsichord music from the 1770s. A real find!

Organ Works Vol. 5

Dietrich Buxtehude
SACD 6.220520 (2007)
A tour de force in SACD sound from the Hamburg church Skt. Jacobi, where Buxtehude himself played

Music is a monster (DVD)

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
DVD 2.110406 (2007)
Jytte Rex’ portrait film of the composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Works for Sinfonietta

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm
CD 8.226522 (2007)
New works inspired by both James Joyce and unpredictable nature

Chamber Music

Finn Savery
CD 8.226528 (2007)
New chamber works by Denmark’s versatile crossover veteran

String Quartets Vol. 1

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220521 (2007)
Fantastic, innovative recording by The Danish String Quartet

Vølvens spådom

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.226061 (2007)
Old Norse visions and National-Romantic overtures about the heroes of the Viking Age

Symphonies Vol. 1

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224708 (2007)
Premiere recording of clear, strong symphonies from the mid-twentieth century


Erik Bach
CD 8.226527 (2007)
Classics and popular culture join hands in the orchestral music of Erik Bach

Orchestral Music

Carl Nielsen
SACD 6.220518 (2007)
Prizewinning collection of Carl Nielsen’s shorter orchestral pieces – a revelation

Orchestral Works

Emil Reesen
CD 8.226031 (2007)
A Danish composer like no other: virtuosic, intriguing and bold

Flute Duets

N.P. Jensen
CD 8.226029 (2006)
Exquisite chamber music by the blind virtuoso and composer of Early Romanticism

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Peder Gram
CD 8.224713 (2006)
Late Romantic music with heart and mind

Romantic Trombone Concertos

SACD 6.220526 (2006)
One of the world’s best trombonists shines in works by among others Holmboe and Launy Grøndahl

Symphonies 12-14

Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220517 (2006)
Three symphonies that cover the whole field of Langgaard’s corrosive, schizophrenic view of music


CD 8.226539 (2006)
Modern recompositions of classical hits like "The Flight of the Bumble-Bee" and Monti’s "Czardas"

In C

Terry Riley
CD 8.226049 (2006)
The new “Copenhagen version” of the greatest masterpiece of minimalism

Chamber Music

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226003 (2006)
Mature, compact works by a master of the art of characterization

Orchestral Works

Emil Hartmann
CD 8.226041 (2006)
Fuldmoden nationalromantik i største målestok


Rued Langgaard
SACD 6.220523-24 (2006)
The SACD production of Rued Langgaard's magnificent doomsday vision. allegorical opera

The Little Mermaid; The Will-o'-the-Wisps Go to Town

Bent Sørensen; Per Nørgård
CD 8.226046 (2006)
Two new Danish masterworks inspired by Hans Christian Andersen

Taverner & Tudor Music I

John Taverner
CD 8.226050 (2006)
John Taverner’s famous Western Wind Mass supplemented with other English music from the 1500s

Works for Saxophone and orchestra

Anders Koppel
CD 8.226036 (2006)
Unique father-son collaboration that combines improvisation with a classical framework

Morning and Evening Songs

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224714 (2006)
The greatest in the smallest – an imperishable treasure in Danish music

Fra Højskolesangbogen

CD 8.224712 (2006)
Popular strophic songs from the songbook that lies at the core of Danish musical culture


Bent Lorentzen
CD 8.226516 (2006)
Unconventional, playful music for among other instruments horn and shotgun!

The Little Match Girl; Die Seejungfrau

August Enna; Alexander Zemlinsky
CD 8.226048 (2006)
Zemlinsky meets Danish opera in a double tribute to Hans Christian Andersen

Los Angeles Street Concerto - Petri plays Koppel

Thomas Koppel
CD 8.226021 (2006)
The unique collaboration between the recorder virtuoso Michala Petri and the crossover composer Thom

Monster Symphony

Niels Marthinsen
CD 8.226510 (2006)
Orchestral roar by the virtuoso Niels Marthinsen – the monster is loose!

Kafka's Trial

Poul Ruders
CD 8.226042-43 (2006)
The vibrant successor to Ruders’ world success The Handmaid’s Tale

Organ Works Vol. 4

Dietrich Buxtehude
SACD 6.220514 (2006)
SACD recording from Stockholm, where the sources for most of Buxtehude’s works are preserved

Choral-Symphony; Requiem

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.226033 (2006)
A full-blown romantic masterpiece by Berlioz’ favourite Danish pupil

Works for Harp and ensemble

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226039 (2006)
Magisk musik, der løfter harpen til spirituelle højder


S. Christensen, Danielsen, J. Holmen, Kanding, M. Olsen
CD 8.226513 (2006)
Remixes and experiments that make the accordion sound as it has never done before


CD 8.226518 (2006)
The sensational trio with saxophone, percussion and recorder. Listen!

Romantic Violin Sonatas

Børresen, Glass, Henriques
CD 8.226005 (2006)
Two full-blooded sonatas from the turn of the last century by Hakon Børresen and Louis Glass

Piano Sonatas vol. 2

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.226030 (2006)
Dynamisk og gnistrende værker af efterkrigstidens enfant terrible i dansk musik


Ole Schmidt
SACD 6.220515 (2006)
Grammy-nominated CD with concertos for flute, horn and tuba

Chamber Music Vol. 1

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.557248 (2006)
The imagination bubbles over in Buxtehude’s opus 1 for violin, cello and harpsichord

Chamber Music Vol. 2

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.557249 (2006)
Seven trio sonatas op. 2, embodying the whole world of the Baroque

Famous Opera Choruses

Wagner, Bizet, Verdi, Puccini, Borodin, Nielsen
SACD 6.220512 (2005)

Music inspired by Hans Christian Andersen

CD 8.226047 (2005)
Inspired fairytale music for orchestra by among others August Enna, Louis Glass and Finn Høffding

Billedbogen (The Picture Book)

CD 8.224703 (2005)
Piano music for children and the young at heart by among others Carl Nielsen and Fini Henriques

Works for organ

J.P.E. Hartmann & Niels W. Gade
CD 8.226026 (2005)
The most important organ works of the two main musical figures of the Danish Golden Age


Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226032 (2005)
Strong works from the mid-twentieth century for cello, flute and piano

L'Homme Armé - Works for Solo Cello

CD 8.226007 (2005)
Monumental collection of new works for solo cello – virtuosic and powerful!

Organ Works vol. 3

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.226023 (2005)
Buxtehude’s music on his home ground – his own church in Helsingborg


Emil Hartmann
SACD 6.220511 (2005)
Brilliant Romantic concertos for violin, cello and piano

Ballet Music

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226022 (2005)
The Greenlandic orchestral explosion Qarrtsiluni and the masterpiece Moon Reindeer


The Jalina Trio
CD 8.226503 (2005)
Brilliant, intense piano trios from the second half of the 20th century


CD 8.226517 (2005)
Music for trumpet and trombone by Per Nørgård, Peter Bruun and others

Mythic Morning - Choral Works II

Per Nørgård
SACD 6.220510 (2005)
Virtuoso choral works – a beautiful, seductive introduction to Nørgård’s universe

Antikrist (DVD)

Rued Langgaard
DVD 2.110402 (2005)
Langgaard’s ecstatic vision of doom in prizewinning recording. Indescribable!

Musica Nuptialis

Bartholomaeus Stockmann
CD 8.226024 (2005)
Music for a Royal wedding in 1590 – the oldest Danish motets

Orchestral Works

Tage Nielsen
CD 8.224702 (2005)
Sophisticated music 1967-2001 by a master with a small but exquisite output

Orchestral Works

Sunleif Rasmussen
SACD 6.220506 (2005)
First symphony by a Faroese composer – winner of the Nordic Council’s Music Prize

Piano Works

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.226025 (2005)
One of the most beautiful ways of encountering Langgaard’s special universe

Passage - Danish Piano Trios

Trio Ondine
CD 8.226009 (2005)
Danish piano trios throughout a century, including an unknown work of Carl Nielsen’s youth

The Royal Guest

Hakon Børresen
CD 8.226020 (2005)
A wonderful fable of love – and one of the most successful Danish operas ever

Orchestral Works vol. 11

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554861 (2005)


Carl Nielsen
CD 6.220507-08 (2004)
Nielsen’s stage masterpiece in a classic recording with the conductor John Frandsen

Orchestral Works

Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.226010 (2004)
Major works by the enigmatic master of contemporary Danish music


Nordentoft, Nielsen, Thybo, Schmidt, Møller
CD 8.226512 (2004)
New works for oboe and organ by among others Anders Nordentoft

Orchestral Works

John Frandsen
CD 8.226508 (2004)
Overwhelmingly beautiful contemporary music by a key figure in Danish musical life

Nuit des Hommes

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226011 (2004)
Per Nørgård’s shattering anti-war opera for two singers with texts by Apollinaire


Frounberg, Hørsving, Teglbjærg, Olsen, Rasmussen
CD 8.226515 (2004)
The French cult phenomenon Meta Duo plays new works for electronics and saxophone

Chamber Music

Svend Westergaard
CD 8.224705 (2004)
Premiere recordings of Svend Westergaard’s succinct, aesthetic works

Piano Works

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.226004 (2004)
Highly acclaimed CD of Riisager’s emphatic, witty piano music from the mid-twentieth century

Choral Works

Ib Nørholm
CD 8.224700 (2004)
Winter music of great purity and poetry by a master composer of our time

Works for cello and piano

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.226015 (2004)
Intense variations on the Song of the Volga Boatmen and two major sonatas

Works for a cappella Choir

Niels Otto Raasted
CD 8.224701 (2004)
Neo-Baroque choral music by “the Danish Reger”

On This Planet (DVD)

Anders Nordentoft
DVD 2.110401 (2004)
Nordentoft’s unique crossover theatre concert in both images and words

Orchestral Works Vol. 4

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226027 (2004)
Koppel’s two great successes of the post-war era: Piano Concerto no. 3 and Symphony no. 5

Breath and Wings

Jens Schou
CD 8.226507 (2004)
Improvisation music and new works for clarinet

Six Works for Saxophone and Percussion

CD 8.226504 (2004)
Brand new repertoire for the imaginative combination percussion and saxophone


Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen
CD 8.226509 (2004)
Agerfeldt’s power plant makes weird, amusing and subtle music

Sinfonias I-IV

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.226017-18 (2004)
Four intense string works that together form the major work Kairos

Organ Works Vol. 2

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.226008 (2004)
New reference recording made in Buxtehude’s own church in Helsingør

Winds and Percussion

Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.226506 (2004)
Percussion, saxophone and accordions meet in organic music from the 1990s

Chamber Music

Lars Hegaard
CD 8.226501 (2004)
Chamber music portrait of the prizewinning composer

Electronic Music

Jørgen Plaetner
CD 8.226511 (2004)
Major works of 1960s electronic music in enhanced sound quality

Orchestral Works

Jesper Koch
CD 8.226502 (2004)
Dreaming orchestral sounds with Alice in Wonderland as one of the inspirations


Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.226013 (2004)
Chamber opera based on Lorca’s erotic, surreal drama

Orchestral Works Vol. 10

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554860 (2004)
Galops, polkas and “war dances” from the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Bo Holten
CD 8.224214 (2004)
Virtuoso, ecstatic choral music by a master of the art

Works for Piano

Hans Abrahamsen, Tage Nielsen, Steen Pade, Poul Ruders
CD 8.224019 (2004)

String Quartets Vol. 2

Ole Schmidt
CD 8.224211 (2003)
Quartets 3, 5 and 6 and Schmidt’s early Piano Quartet

Organ Works Vol. 1

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.226002 (2003)
Bine Bryndorf launches her definitive series of Buxtehude works on his own organ in Helsingør

Orchestral Works

Per Nørgård
CD 8.226014 (2003)
Three unique orchestral pieces, including the watershed Voyage into the Golden Screen

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.226016 (2003)
Two moving symphonies from the end of World War II

Violin Sonatas Vol. 2

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.226006 (2003)
Extremely original music from the last years of the great loner Langgaard

String Quartets Vol. 1

Ole Schmidt
CD 8.224210 (2003)
Chamber music from 50 years, recorded in the presence of the composer

From the Merry Life of a Spy

Art of Brass Copenhagen
CD 8.226001 (2003)
Sparklingly incisive performance of a virtuoso brass quintet

Music for Cello and Piano

Poul Rovsing Olsen
CD 8.224222 (2003)
The ethnomusicologist Rovsing Olsen was inspired by both Arab and French music


Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224218 (2003)
Songs and lieder by the national composer, sung with perfection and empathy

Music for Piano

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224228 (2003)
Subtle, very well wrought music in the Vienna-Classical style

Flute Sonatas

Johann Adolph Scheibe and Morten Ræhs
CD 8.224213 (2003)
Flute sonatas in the lush, ‘galant’ style of the mid-1700s

Piano Works

Bent Lorentzen
CD 8.224246 (2003)
Music from three decades by Denmark’s whimsical music-maker


Mogens Pedersøn
CD 8.990101 (2002)


Mogens Pedersøn
CD 8.224219 (2002)
Denmark’s first international composer wrote his madrigals in 1608 as a pupil of Gabrieli

Organ Music

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.224254 (2002)
New works demonstrating Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s constant urge to explore

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224205 (2002)
World premiere of Koppel’s first two symphonies, quite unreservedly unheard for over 70 years

Orchestral Works Vol. 9

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554859 (2002)
Lumbye’s masterpiece Dream Pictures and many other wonderful pieces

Face It

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.224233 (2002)
Symphonie Magnetophonique, a major work of musique concrète

On This Planet

Anders Nordentoft
CD 8.224221 (2002)
The music from Nordentoft’s unique crossover theatre concert

Chamber Music

Herman D. Koppel, Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224208 (2002)
Klaversekstetter af mellemkrigstidens stærke og stædige klaverkomponister

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Paul von Klenau
CD 8.224183 (2002)
Overwhelming, controversial Late Romantic music, neglected for three quarters of a century


Per Nørgård
CD 8.224170 (2002)
Per Nørgård himself accompanies on this unique recording of his songs

Orchestral Works

Fini Henriques
CD 8.224173 (2002)
The frolicsome musical wizard Fini Henriques – a phenomenon from the turn of the last century

Chamber Music

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.224225 (2002)
The provocative Plateaux pour deux for cello and squeeze-bulb horn – and what followed after

Orchestral Works Vol. 8

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554858 (2002)
King George I’s Honour March and rarities like the Sandman’s Galop Fantasia!

Requiem for Nietzsche

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224207 (2002)
An impressive, uncompromising oratorio based on the life of Nietzsche – a major work in Danish music

Symphonies 4-5

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224215 (2002)
¨The first recording ever of the two very different versions of the Fifth Symphony, as well as the masterpiece Leaf Fall

Chamber Music

Karsten Fundal
CD 8.224164 (2002)
Works from Karsten Fundal’s breakthrough phase in the 1990s

... and the lotus rose, quietly, quietly ...

Klaus Ib Jørgensen
CD 8.224201 (2002)
Five virtuoso accordion works with leading representatives of Copenhagen’s fine accordion tradition

Et Glasperlespil

Else Marie Pade
CD 8.224209 (2002)
Fascinating 12-tone mosaic by “the grandmother of electronic music”

Violin Sonatas Vol. 1

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224153 (2002)
The first two sonatas show the extremes of Langgaard’s incomparable output

Orchestral Works Vol. 7

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554857 (2002)
Souvenir de Jenny Lind – a tribute to “The Swedish Nightingale” and 11 other pieces

Orchestral Works Vol. 6

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554856 (2001)
”En festaften på Tivoli” og flere andre stykker af Nordens valsekonge


CD 8.224202 (2001)
The prizewinning chamber ensemble Nordlys presents works from the turn of the millennium

Symphonies 5-6

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.224161 (2001)
Winner of Danish Release of the Year (2002)! Two magnificent symphonies from the 1890s

Symphonies 9-11

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224182 (2001)
The six-minute Symphony no. 11, Ixion, is intensely minimal music from 1944

The Ballad of Game and Dream

Karl Aage Rasmussen
CD 8.224203-04 (2001)
Karl Aage Rasmussen conducts his own ensemble The Elsinore Players in works from the 1970s and the 1980s

Chamber Music

Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.224155 (2001)
Three of Hans Abrahamsen’s most important works, including the wind quintet Walden

The Sleeping Draught

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224149-50 (2001)
Complete recording of the charming and lively Singspiel that became one of the hits of the 1800s in Danish music

Works for Organ

Leif Kayser
CD 8.224167 (2001)
The monumental Concerto for Organ and other works by the great Danish organ composer

Orchestral Works Vol. 5

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554855 (2001)
The grand waltz Hesperus and a varied selection of galops and marches


CD 8.224198-99 (2001)
New electro-acoustic music by six composers who follow the whole plot of Homer’s famous work

Leonora Christine

Andy Pape
CD 8.224171-72 (2001)
A gripping chamber opera about the princess who is imprisoned by her own father

Vocal Music Vol. 2

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.224160 (2001)
Dufay Collective perform sacred cantatas in a concentrated, personal Baroque style


CD 8.224197 (2001)
Thomas Sandberg meets four electro-acoustic composers – the result is anything but boring!

A Sound Year

Gunner Møller Pedersen
CD 8.224174-79 (2001)
A fantastic 6-CD set with electro-acoustic music for the whole course of the year

Symphonies 6-8

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224180 (2001)
First CD in the definitive series of recordings of Langgaard’s strange and wonderful symphonies

Piano Sonatas

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224140 (2001)
Four brilliant, talented sonatas from around the year 1800

Piano Works

Poul Ruders
CD 8.224148 (2001)
Music with a huge expressive range, played with great insight by the English pianist Rolf Hind

String Quartets Vol. 7

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224131 (2001)
This unsurpassed series concludes with Holmboe’s very last work, completed by his pupil Per Nørgård

Preludes for Sinfonietta Vol. 2

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224124 (2001)
Profound, magical music from Vagn Holmboe’s old age


Arshak Ikilikian
CD 8.224181 (2001)
CD portrait of the Armenian-born all-round artist who settled in Denmark

String Quartets Vol. 6

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224128 (2001)
Penultimate CD in the definitive series with String Quartets 17, 19 and 20, written in the 1980s

Archipel des solitudes

Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.224163 (2001)
Overdådig skønhed i denne fransk-inspirerede sangcyklus til tekster af Gilles Gourdon

The Handmaid's Tale

Poul Ruders
CD 8.224165-66 (2001)
Vor tids stærkeste opera – et genialt og rystende værk

Complete Symphonies (3CD Box Set)

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.203130 (2001)
Authoritative recording of all six symphonies based on the new edition of the music

Symphonies Nos. 1 & 6

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224169 (2001)
Nielsen’s vital debut and his enigmatic, surreal last work in the genre

Am Abend tönen die herbstlichen Wälder

Matthias Ronnefeld
CD 8.224154 (2000)
Anden cd med de samlede værker af den tidligt afdøde ekspressionist

Chamber Music

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224139 (2000)
Lieder og kammerværker fra Langgaards afgørende brydningsår omkring 1. verdenskrig

Der er et yndigt land

CD 8.224141 (2000)
Danmark i lommeformat – de største klassiske hits og skønneste melodier

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224135 (2000)
Den opsigtsvækkende serie begynder med Koppels to sidste symfonier og Koncert for orkester

Piano Music

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224162 (2000)
Romantiske karakterstykker til vers af H.C. Andersen viser Hartmanns poetiske format

The Tower of Babel

Ludolf Nielsen
CD 8.224157 (2000)
Et visionært storværk fra den danske symbolisme, indspillet for første gang


P.E. Lange-Müller
CD 8.224109 (2000)
Fuldmoden dansk nationalromantik af en elsket mester


Peter Heise
CD 8.554967 (2000)


Ib Nørholm
CD 8.224168 (2000)
Moderne kor-klassikere til tekster af Walt Whitman og Poul Borum

The Sleeping Beauty

Peter Heise
CD 8.224132 (2000)
Romantiske koncertstykker for soli, kor og orkester

Preludes for Sinfonietta Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224123 (2000)
Premiereindspilning af Vagn Holmboes sidste værkrække, en bøn for Moder Natur

Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224156 (2000)


Erik Jørgensen
CD 8.224137 (2000)
Mesterlige værker af en pioner og enegænger fra den serielle musik

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Paul von Klenau
CD 8.224134 (2000)
Klenaus tysk-orienterede senromantik er en overvældende genopdagelse

Music for Wind Quintet

Nielsen, Mortensen, Jersild, Wellejus
CD 8.224151 (2000)
Kammermusikalsk perfektion i værkerne af bl.a. Carl Nielsen og Jørgen Jersild

Danish Romantic A Cappella

CD 8.224130 (2000)
Stemningsfuld og blomstrende musik fra slutningen af 1800-tallet

Apollo's Art

Bernhard Lewkovitch
CD 8.224152 (2000)
Madrigaler og motetter af en kompromisløs mester i nordisk musik

King Frederik IX conducts The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

CD 8.224158-59 (2000)
Musikalske kronjuveler: Kongen af Danmark dirigerer Beethoven, Wagner og Gade!

Symphony No. 3

Ludolf Nielsen
CD 8.224098 (2000)
En af de største nordiske symfonier i senromantisk stil – et bevægende mesterværk

Orchestral works Vol. 4

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554854 (2000)
14 festlige overraskelser af “Nordens Strauss”, den evigt opfindsomme Lumbye

Chamber Music

Jørgen Bentzon
CD 8.224129 (2000)
Piano sextets by strong, persistent piano composers of the inter-war years

String Quartets

Louis Glass
CD 8.224048 (2000)
Stærke, indadvendte følelser præger Louis Glass’ udsøgte fin-de-siecle musik

The Return

Indra Rise
CD 8.224142 (2000)
Lettisk-fødte Indra Rise har taget sine musikalske rødder med sig til Danmark

... to arrive where we started ...

CD 8.224143 (2000)
Ny dansk musik fra 1990’erne med avantgarde-ensemblet Figura

Den Danske Revy 1900-1910

DCCD 9801 (2000)

Dronning Dagmar

Poul Schierbeck
CD 8.224104 (1999)
Raffinerede værker for sang og orkester af Carl Nielsens yndlingselev

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554853 (1999)
Koncertpolka for to violiner og flere andre af Lumbyes kendteste stykker

Medieval Music in Denmark

CD 8.224133 (1999)
Den rå lyd af Danmarks ældste musik fra 800-tallet til 1400-tallet

Det bedste fra Den danske Guldalder

CD 8.224145-47 (1999)
3-cd boks med 40 stykker musik fra midten af 1800-tallet, en gylden æra i dansk kultur

Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224126 (1999)

Harpsichord Music Vol. 2

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.224117 (1999)

String Quartets Vol. 5

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224127 (1999)
Strygekvartet nr. 13-15, skrevet i en intens periode midt i 1970’erne

A Noone of Night

Palle Mikkelborg
CD 8.224144 (1999)
Spirituel og himmelsk smuk kormusik af den berømte jazztrompetist Palle Mikkelborg

Harpsichord Music Vol. 3

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.224118 (1999)

Symphonies Nos. 5 and 7

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224111 (1999)
Vital og vittig musik af efterkrigstidens enfant terrible i dansk musikliv

Musical Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen

CD 8.224099 (1999)
Tre orkesterværker fra det 20. århundrede skrevet over eventyr af H.C. Andersen

Piano Concerto no. 4

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD 8.224110 (1999)
Et hovedværk af den ekstremt produktive komponist og pianist

String Quartets

Rued Langgaard
DCCD 9302A-B (1999)
En indspilning, der har været en milesten i genopdagelsen af en enestående komponist

Sinfonia interna

Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224136 (1999)
Premiere på et genopdaget storværk fra Langgaards symbolistiske periode

Yndigt dufter Danmark

Svend S. Schultz
CD 8.224108 (1999)
Schultz’ elskede kormusik er essensen af den korte danske sommer


Nancy Dahlberg
CD 8.224138 (1999)
Musikalsk portræt af en af Danmarks første kvindelige komponister

Clarinet Trios

CD 8.224122 (1999)
Fire nye værker skrevet til den uforlignelige trio LINensemble

Piano Concerto; Piano Trio

Otto Malling
CD 8.224114 (1999)
One of the best Danish piano concertos – not a million miles from the famous one by Grieg

Orchestral Works Vol. 3

Hakon Børresen
CD 8.224105 (1999)
Børresen’s ballet about the astronomer Tycho Brahe is a sparkling Late Romantic star

Piano Sonatas Vol. 1

Niels V. Bentzon
CD 8.224103 (1999)
Three selected sonatas by the unstoppable loner of piano music

Singe die Gärten

Per Nørgård
CD 8.224115 (1999)
Fascinating, seductive music with the Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Ars Nova

Jeanne d'Arc

Ole Schmidt
CD 8.224112 (1999)
Powerful new music for Carl Th. Dreyer’s silent film masterpiece

A Drummer's Tale, episode two

Poul Ruders
CD 8.224085 (1999)
Seven works written for – and with – the percussion virtuoso Gert Sørensen

Symphony No. 2

Poul Ruders
CD 8.224125 (1999)
Ruders’ Piano Concerto and his explosive Symphony no. 2 – a tremendous listening experience!

Liden Kirsten

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224106-07 (1999)
The beloved ballad opera with a libretto by Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark in a nutshell!

Harp & Computer. Electro Acustic Music from DIEM III

CD 8.224113 (1999)
Works by among others Sunleif Rasmussen and Ivar Frounberg written for the Chilean harpist Sofia Asuncion Claro

I Hear the Drummers Strike the Sky

Matthias Ronnefeld
CD 8.224102 (1999)
Concentrated chamber music from the 1980s by the all-too-soon departed Danish-Austrian composer


Jørgen Bentzon
CD 8.224119 (1999)
An original inter-war composer who makes music speak and tell a story

Three Friends

Karl Aage Rasmussen
CD 8.224094 (1998)
The Violin Concerto and other major works by a central figure from the Nordic music of our time

Piano Music

Carl Nielsen
CD 8.224095-96 (1998)
Reference recording by the composer Herman D. Koppel, who as a young man rehearsed the works with Carl Nielsen himself


Bent Sørensen
CD 8.224075 (1998)
Five unique works where all the shades of twilight appear

Cello Miniatures

Børresen, Emborg, Heise, Fabricius, L.Glass, L. Nielsen
CD 8.224092 (1998)
Stylish, elegant music by Danish composers from around 1900

Symphony No. 1

Ludolf Nielsen
CD 8.224093 (1998)
Imaginative, charming Late Romanticism, written by a born orchestral composer

String Quartets Vol. 4

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224101 (1998)
Three strong quartets from the beginning of the 1970s – a very fruitful period for Holmboe

Chamber Concertos Vol. 4

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224087 (1998)
The last four of the fantastic series of Holmboe’s short instrumental concertos


J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224097 (1998)
Danish High Romanticism when it is best and most itself – not least in the national treasure The Golden Horns

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554852 (1998)
Volume 2 of the big Lumbye series goes to work on the lesser-known pieces – all with the same high spirits!

Symphonies 3-4

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.224088 (1998)
Romantic music in the grand style. Symphonie Majestueuse (no. 4) is dedicated to King Christian IX

The Hallelujah of Creation

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224070 (1998)
Kunzen’s oratorio and his only symphony are jewels of Danish Vienna Classicism

Organ Works

Camillo Carlsen
CD 8.224089 (1998)
Late Romantic organ music by Langgaard, Heise and the neglected Camillo Carlsen

Orchestral Works Vol. 1

H.C. Lumbye
CD 8.554851 (1998)
The introduction to the longest Lumbye series hitherto, vol. 1 including the well-known Champagne Galop

Winds and Voices II

Music at the Danish Court Chapel in the 1540's
CD 8.224077 (1998)
Music from the Danish Court in the mid-1500s played from the original part-books

Movements for a Monument to the Loneliness of Our World

Michael Nyvang
CD 8.224074 (1998)
The hour-long solo work by the Tristan Murail pupil Michael Nyvang is one of the biggest Danish piano works ever

Orchestral Works

Erik Norby
CD 8.224064 (1998)
Four colourful orchestral works by one of the most intensely personal Danish composers of the 1970s

Into the Black

Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen
CD 8.224079 (1997)
There are mysteries and strange sensations in Sven Hvidtfelt Nielsen’s music

Der var engang (Once upon a time)

P.E. Lange-Müller
CD 8.224084 (1997)
Songs and music from the Romantic fairytale comedy. A bestseller 100 years ago and today!

Sonatas for Flute and Piano

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.224071-72 (1997)
Classic recording of some of Kuhlau’s most successful chamber music

Works for Sinfonietta

Svend Nielsen
CD 8.224078 (1997)
Lyrical and lush orchestral sounds in the works of the Århus composer Svend Nielsen

Symphonies 1-2

Asger Hamerik
CD 8.224076 (1997)
First recording of Symphonies 1 & 2 by the roving Asger Hamerik, a pupil of Berlioz pursuing a great career in the USA

Works for Sinfonietta

Anders Nordentoft
CD 8.224068 (1997)
An exciting meeting between the London Sinfonietta and Nordentoft’s poetic, expressive music


C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224049 (1997)
Ædleste klassicisme i Weyses kantater til jul og påske

Chamber Music

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.224081 (1997)
Acute, pointed music from the most sparkling Danish composer of the 1920s

Orchestral Works

Knudåge Riisager
CD 8.224082 (1997)
Riisager’s music has the same esprit as his French models, not least in his infectious ballet music from the 1930s

Works for Sinfonietta

Hans Abrahamsen
CD 8.224080 (1997)
The London Sinfonietta plays four of Abrahamsen’s most exquisite works from the 1980s

Planetarium Music

Nyvang and Alsted
CD 8.224083 (1997)
Computer music by Michael Nyvang and Birgitte Alsted, created to evoke the experience of space in the Planetarium, Århus

String Quartets Vol. 3

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224073 (1997)
Grand recordings of String Quartets 7, 8 and 9, composed in the mid-1960s

Chamber Concertos Vol. 3

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224086 (1997)
Concerto no. 7 for oboe, Concerto no. 9 for violin and viola, and no. 8, which is a “Concerto for orchestra”

Symphony No. 1; Violin Concerto

Hakon Børresen
CD 8.224059 (1997)
The High Romantic Violin Concerto and the debut Symphony no. 1 in the Nordic style

Orchestral Works Vol. 2

Hakon Børresen
CD 8.224061 (1997)
Hakon Børresen’s magnificent portrait of the sea, Symphony no. 2, and his last major work, Symphony no. 3

Ungdom og Galskab (Youth and Folly)

Edouard Dupuy
CD 8.224066-67 (1997)
A witty, melodious Singspiel, performed hundreds of times since the premiere in 1806!

Orchestral Works

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.224060 (1997)
Three key works by the caustic, energetic absurdist of modern Danish music

Music for Voices and Instruments

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
CD 8.224056 (1997)
Razor-sharp vocal works from a 25-year period with texts by among others Samuel Beckett

Symphony No. 2

Ludolf Nielsen
CD 8.224047 (1997)
En symfonisk hyldest til livet og kærligheden – med den smukke Violinromance som bonus

Symphonies Nos. 1-8

Niels Wilhelm Gade
CD 8.504012 (1997)

Devil's Golf Course

Wayne Siegel
CD 8.224069 (1997)
The Danish-domiciled Californian Siegel is a pioneer of the interaction between computers and acoustic instruments

Works for Sinfonietta

Niels Rosing-Schow
CD 8.224055 (1997)


Lange-Müller and Heise
CD 8.224065 (1997)

Vocal Music Vol. 1

Dietrich Buxtehude
CD 8.224062 (1997)
Emma Kirkby shines as the soloist in Buxtehude’s sacred music

Solar Trilogy

Poul Ruders
CD 8.224054 (1997)
The great big orchestral trip – a unique trilogy in European music

Chamber Concertos Vol. 2

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224063 (1997)
Top Danish soloists meet in a lively interplay of violin, viola and piano trio

Piano Quartets

Friedrich Kuhlau
CD 8.224044-45 (1997)
Unparalleled playing by the Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!


Lange-Müller & Heise
CD 8.224033 (1997)

Cello and Piano

CD 8.224052 (1996)

Symphonies 1-2

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224042 (1996)

Chamber Concertos Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224038 (1996)
First-recordings of a fantastic series of works: 13 solo concertos written in an outburst that extended just a few years

Piano Sonatas

J.P.E. Hartmann
DCCD 9112 (1996)
The First Sonata was praised by Schumann, and the Fourth is a moving, revealing work of the composer’s old age


Fr. Kuhlau
CD 8.224053 (1996)

Oboe and Piano

CD 8.224043 (1996)

Elverskud (The Elf King's Daughter)

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.224051 (1996)

The Historic Organ. The Compenius Organ at Frederiksborg Castle

CD 8.224057 (1996)
The Compenius Organ in Frederiksborg Castle Chapel is the oldest in the world – hear it in music from the beginning of t

Orchestral Works

Henning Wellejus
CD 8.224040 (1996)


Herman D. Koppel
CD 8.224046 (1996)

Works for Classical Accordion

CD 8.224028 (1996)
The Norwegian virtuoso Geir Draugsvoll plays works by among others Andy Pape and Ejnar Kanding

Chamber Music

Jan Maegaard
CD 8.224050 (1996)
Labyrinths and canons by the most learned man of the avant-garde, the Schoenberg expert Jan Maegaard

Orchestral Works

Ivar Frounberg
CD 8.224027 (1996)
Overwhelming, complex orchestral music where mathematics meets sensuality

Luna; Symphony No. 3; Twilight

Per Nørgård
CD 8.224041 (1996)

Orchestral Works

Ole Schmidt
CD 8.224035 (1996)

Sterbende Gärten

Bent Sørensen
CD 8.224039 (1996)

Works for Organ

Otto Malling
CD 8.224023 (1996)
Religious mood-pictures by the colourful Danish Late Romantic organ composer


Ole Buck
CD 8.224034 (1996)

String Quartets Vol. 2

Vagn Holmboe
CD 8.224026 (1996)
String Quartets 2, 5 and 6, the starting shots for Holmboe’s immersion in the genre

Holger Danske

F.L.Ae. Kunzen
CD 8.224036-37 (1995)


Poul Schierbeck
CD 8.224017 (1995)
Schierbeck’s romances and song cycles show he was Carl Nielsen’s best pupil

Winds and Voices. Music at the Court of King Christian III

Music at the Court of King Christian III
CD 8.224029 (1995)

Orchestral works

Axel Borup-Jørgensen
CD 8.224030 (1995)

Works for Violin and Piano

J.P.E. Hartmann
CD 8.224021-22 (1995)
All of Hartmann’s works for violin, reflecting his amazing career throughout the 19th century

Symphonies Nos. 6-7

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224014 (1995)
First recording of Weyse’s two greatest symphonies

Works for Organ

CD 8.224018 (1995)
Organ meets harp and percussion in works from the end of the 20th century

String Quartets

Niels W. Gade
CD 8.224015 (1995)
Classic recordings of Gade’s sophisticated string quartets

Works for Cello

Per Nørgård
CD 8.224007 (1995)
Five highly varied fruits of Per Nørgård’s fascination with the cello

A Drummer's Tale, episode one

Per Nørgård
CD 8.224024-25 (1995)
A vigorous collaboration between the percussionist Gert Sørensen and Nørgård, who himself plays keyboards and sings


Holmboe, H.D. Koppel, Norby, T. Nielsen
CD 8.224010 (1995)
Songs from the post-war era by among others Herman D. Koppel and Vagn Holmboe

Symphonies Nos. 4-5

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224013 (1995)
Vienna Classicism from the 1790s with a Nordic accent


Per Nørgård
CD 8.224031-32 (1995)

Mød mig på Cassiopeia

Kai Normann Andersen
DCCD 9421 (1995)
Only recording of the beloved Danish musical evergreen


Rued Langgaard
CD 8.224011 (1994)
Remarkable Lieder in Late Romantic style by the child prodigy Rued Langgaard

Tango Studies

Sven Erik Werner
CD 8.224006 (1994)
Accordion music with a nod to the tango maestro Astor Piazzolla

Symphonies Nos. 1-3

C.E.F. Weyse
CD 8.224012 (1994)
The first full-scale Danish symphonies, inspired by Haydn and Mozart

Wind Quintets

CD 8.224001 (1994)
Carl Nielsen’s masterpiece and more recent quintets by Abrahamsen, Holmboe and Nørgård

Works for Organ

Leif Thybo
CD 8.224009 (1994)
Neoclassical music from one the greatest Danish names on the organ

Wind Octets

CD 8.224002 (1994)
Three generations of Danish composers in the hands of a prizewinning wind ensemble

String Quartets

Friedrich Kuhlau & C.F.E. Horneman
CD 8.224016 (1994)
Unsurpassed playing by Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!

Chamber Music

Rosing-Schow, Rasmussen, Nordentoft, Højsgaard
CD 8.224008 (1994)
The London ensemble Capricorn plays works commissioned from Danish composers

Chamber Music

Mogens Winkel Holm
DCCD 9111 (1994)
Wind music from 1963-88 by the original Jack-of-all-trades in Danish music

Piano Works

Louis Glass
DCCD 9306 (1994)
Two Late Romantic sonatas and an alluring Fantasia – Louis Glass was a compete master of the piano

Etudes for Piano

C.E.F. Weyse
DCCD 9307 (1994)
The 12 Etudes by the leading Golden Age composer Weyse show his virtuosic and dramatic sides


Bent Lorentzen
DCCD 9314 (1993)
To imødekommende koncerter for obo og trompet i alle regnbuens farver


Poul Ruders
DCCD 9308 (1993)
Great international excitement in Ruders’ Violin Concerto no. 2 and the intense piano concerto Dramaphonia

Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4

Niels Viggo Bentzon
DCCD 9102 (1993)
Sparkling example of Bentzon as the strongest post-war orchestral composer in Denmark

Music for Guitar

Rovsing Olsen, Nørholm, Nørgård, Gerfors, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
DCCD 9316 (1993)
The guitarist Erling Møldrup is a unique catalyst for Danish composers of today

Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9201 (1993)
Gade’s brilliant breakthrough work Symphony no. 1, which was given its first performance by Mendelssohn

Piano Works

P.E. Lange-Müller
DCCD 9206 (1993)
Nordic National Romanticism, of the finest, most poetic stamp

Danish Golden Age Piano Trios

Gade, Hartmann, Langgaard, Henriques, Lange-Müller
DCCD 9310 (1993)
Lange-Müller’s fully mature Piano Trio and charming works by among others Langgaard and Fini Henriques

String Quartets Vol. 1

Vagn Holmboe
DCCD 9203 (1993)
The start of the prizewinning series, played by four musician with a close links with the composer. A must!

Vocal and Instrumental Works

Bernhard Lewkovitch
DCCD 9207-08 (1993)
Double CD offering a retrospective portrait of a unique figure in recent Danish sacred music

Symphonies Nos. 4 and 6

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9202 (1993)
The lightest and the darkest of all Gade’s eight symphonies

Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9301 (1993)
Gade’s perfection shines through clearly in his last two symphonies

Works for A Cappella Choir

Vagn Holmboe
DCCD 9204 (1993)
Perfect, insightful interpretations of Holmboe’s powerful, robust choral music

Vocal & Instrumental Works

Jørgen Jersild
DCCD 9108 (1993)
Jersild’s fine Harp Concerto and other works in the Danish-French vein

Romantic Danish Songs

DCCD 9114 (1993)
Poetic Lieder from the turn of the last century by among others Ludolf Nielsen and Victor Bendix

Symphony - Antiphony; A Symphony in Time

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and Karl Aage Rasmusssen
DCCD 9010 (1992)
The prizewinning Symphony-Antiphony by Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and Karl Aage Rasmussen’s modern classic Symphony in Time

Orchestral Works

Svend Erik Tarp
DCCD 9005 (1992)
Danish Neoclassicism of the finest kind – and with plenty of humour

Orchestral & Chamber Works

Niels Rosing-Schow
DCCD 9110 (1992)
Sophisticated, succinct chamber works from Niels Rosing-Schow’s breakthrough years in the 1980s

Organ Music

Bent Lorentzen
DCCD 9009 (1992)
In the organ laboratory with the quirky and inventive Bent Lorentzen

Royal Music

DCCD 9020 (1992)
Music from the internationally oriented Danish Royal Court around the year 1600

String Quartets

Hans Abrahamsen and Poul Ruders
DCCD 9006 (1992)
Hans Abrahamsen’s breakthrough work Ten Preludes and other innovative pieces from the 1970s

Gilgamesh; Voyage Into the Golden Screen

Per Nørgård
DCCD 9001 (1992)
The cosmic opera about the creation of the world – enchantingly beautiful music

Symphonies Nos. 3 and 5

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9004 (1992)
The Fifth Symphony with obbligato piano is one of Gade’s most original works


Per Nørgård
DCCD 9002 (1992)
The international star Pinchas Zukerman as soloist in Nørgård’s violin concerto Remembering Child

Chamber Music

Peter Arnold Heise
DCCD 9113 (1992)
Heise’s Piano Quintet and Cello Sonatas are among the best chamber music of the 1800s in Denmark

Electro-acustic Music from DIEM

Siegel, Frounberg, Plaetner, Fuzzy
DCCD 9101 (1992)
Four Danish pioneers of electro-acoustic music: Jørgen Plaetner, Wayne Siegel, Ivar Frounberg and Fuzzy

Complete Piano Works Vol. 3

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9117 (1992)
Romantic character pieces and tone-paintings for two and four hands

Passion Fruits

Sven Erik Werner
DCCD 9104 (1992)

Orchestral and Chamber Music Works

Gunnar Berg
DCCD 9007 (1992)
Three works for flute and orchestra by the fervent serialist of the post-war period

Complete Piano Works Vol. 2

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9116 (1992)
Gade’s Piano Concerto is his masterpiece for piano

Complete Piano Works Vol. 1

Niels W. Gade
DCCD 9115 (1992)
The character pieces from the 1840s, written in the time before Gade’s international breakthrough

String Quartets

Karl Aage Rasmussen and Bent Sørensen
DCCD 9003A-3B (1990)
The world-famous Arditti Quartet plays the breakthrough works of Bent Sørensen and Karl Aage Rasmussen

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