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Tutter Givskov  


Tutter Givskov (violin) trained with Bloch at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and with Holst in London. She was leader of the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra from 1951 to 1954 before joining the Royal Danish Orchestra. In 1971 she was appointed to the staff of the Jutland Conservatory, where she has been a professor since 1988. Tutter Givskov was a co-founder of the Copenhagen String Quartet, with whom she toured all over the world until 1995 and made many recordings including twelve of Vagn Holmboes quartets. Among her awards are Tagea Brandts travel scholarship, the Ove Christensen Prize, and the Danish Music Reviewers' Prize (together with the Copenhagen String Quartet).

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Piano Quartets
Friedrich Kuhlau

CD 8.224044-45 (1997)

Unparalleled playing by the Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!

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