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trash.dk is a musical performance group. It consists of 3 percussionists, who present a top professional show. A great combination of street performance, concert and show, which surprises, impresses and entertains.

trash.dk uses objects from everyday life such as trash bins, brooms, bottles, newspapers and water. From these simple objects the group creates a gripping music and a fantastic show which instantly appeals to the audience.

trash.dk has played more than 500 concerts, shows and events in Scandinavia. Also the group has launched a brand new type of classical children's concert for the symphony orchestra. trash.dk worked both as producers and soloists with Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, South Jutland Symphony Orchestra and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. The symphonic concerts unite classical music, performance and stomp and they have been a huge succes.

All members of trash.dk are full time professional percussionists with MA-degrees from top percussion institutions and comprehensive professional experience from professional theatres, symphony orchestras and ensembles.

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Skrammel & Tis - Klassiske musikfortællinger for børn
Skrammel & Tis - Klassiske musikfortællinger for børn
Rasmussen, A. Koppel, Pape

CD 8.224722 (2011)

To eventyrlige musikfortællinger og en skrammelkoncert - orkestermusik for børn på en ny måde

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