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Serguei Azizian  


Serguei Azizian (violin) was born in Armenia in 1957. For almost eight years he has been living in Denmark, where he has won great respect for his work as a leader of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra. Serguei Azizian has performed as a soloist with orchestras in St. Petersburg, with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also particularly active as a chamber musician. Serguei Azizian has taught at the Conservatoire in St. Petersburg, and he is now an Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Live Dates

Photo: Jan Persson


Violin Sonatas Vol. 2
Violin Sonatas Vol. 2
Rued Langgaard

CD 8.226006 (2003)

Extremely original music from the last years of the great loner Langgaard

Violin Sonatas Vol. 1
Violin Sonatas Vol. 1
Rued Langgaard

CD 8.224153 (2002)

The first two sonatas show the extremes of Langgaard’s incomparable output

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