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Søren Elbo  


Søren Elbo made his debut at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1991. In 1988 he was engaged by the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra - from 1993 as solo clarinettist - and in 1996 he joined the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Søren Elbo also teaches at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and has among other awards received Simon Spies Fondens Musiklegat.

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Chamber Music Vol. 1
Chamber Music Vol. 1
Carl Nielsen

CD 8.226064 (2007)

Reference recording of the famous Wind Quintet and Nielsen’s shorter chamber works

Chamber Music
Chamber Music
Hans Abrahamsen

CD 8.224155 (2001)

Three of Hans Abrahamsen’s most important works, including the wind quintet Walden

Music for Wind Quintet
Music for Wind Quintet
Nielsen, Mortensen, Jersild, Wellejus

CD 8.224151 (2000)

Kammermusikalsk perfektion i værkerne af bl.a. Carl Nielsen og Jørgen Jersild

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