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Pernille Petersen  


Danish recorder player Pernille Petersen (born 1983) had her debute from the soloist class at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense in September 2010. She has finished her diploma studies in 2008 at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in 
Odense, Denmark with Nikolaj Ronimus. Pernille has also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen with Lene Langballe and a year as a guest student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Dan Laurin.
 Pernille had her debute from the soloist class at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense in September 2010.

Pernille Petersen is active as a soloist and chamber musician in many 
constellations in Denmark and the nordic countries. Latest in the autumn of 2012 as a soloist for Concerto Copenhagen in concertos by Telemann, Bach and Vivaldi. Her repertoire has its 
base in early and contemporary music but she constantly explores new
 possibilities. Her regular ensembles consist of duos with harpsichord,
 accordion, recorder and percussion and of bigger baroque groups.

In 2000 Pernille won the gold medal prize at Berlingske Tidende’s Classical 
Music Competition in Copenhagen, a prestigious classical music competition for young

In 2009 Pernille was the winner of Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Competition in London. In May 2010 Pernille won the first Mieke Van Weddingen Recorder Competition in Mechelen, Belgium and was also given the audience award.

Pernille appears on recordings with Trinitatis Kantori and with Ensemble 1700. In november 2010 her first solo recording “Sonatas by Mr. Castrucci and Mr. Geminiani” was released by CDKlassisk, Olufsen Records, Denmark.

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10/07/2015   American Record Guide

Christensen: Busy Bees & Birds
"Mogens Christensen’s record of works for recorders, accordion, and guitar is very aptly titled “Busy Bees and Birds”. The music is light and quick, with passages of longer held tones and passages of pointillistic textures. With no real bass instrument, the upper register is privileged. The music isn’t aggressively dissonant, but isn’t resolutely tonal either. Melodies meander through different keys or modes, seldom settling down. There is clear allusion to folk or traditional tunes in both specific themes and in a general style or attitude. These short pieces are interesting to listen to for a bit, but sound monotonous when stretched over the course of 80 minutes. Birds of a Winter Night (1996–2014), for bass recorder and electronics, is a slight change; but the bass recorder has a feeble low end, and the electronics are in the background."
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01/06/2015   Gramophone

Mogens Christensen: Busy Bees and Birds
"From the current crop of composers Mogens Christensen is among the most significant."
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Busy Bees and Birds
Busy Bees and Birds
Mogens Christensen

CD 8.226543 (2014)

Recorder works from the past 20 years, inspired by birdsong, buzzing beehives and the night sounds of nature

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