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Otto Mortensen   (1907 - 1986)


Otto Mortensen's songs are probably the best loved in Denmark since the time of Carl Nielsen. Like Carl Nielsen's, Mortensen's songs have simple, but monolithic strength, and have associations with Danish folk music. In his other works Otto Mortensen was strongly Classicist. He studied with Darius Milhaud, and on the whole was French-influenced in his style. Otto Mortensen was also a notable music teacher.

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Otto Mortensen

CD 8.224704 (2008)

Simple, beautiful music by a classic Danish composer of the twentieth century

Music for Wind Quintet
Music for Wind Quintet
Nielsen, Mortensen, Jersild, Wellejus

CD 8.224151 (2000)

Kammermusikalsk perfektion i værkerne af bl.a. Carl Nielsen og Jørgen Jersild

Oboe and Piano
Oboe and Piano

CD 8.224043 (1996)

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