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MYTHOS is a Danish classical accordion duo consisting of Bjarke Mogensen and Rasmus Kjøller. The two musicians both grew up on the island of Bornholm and began playing together at a very early age. Within just a few years they had won the national competition for accordion duos and won First Prize in the DR Chamber Music Competition in 2011, where they vied with the best young professional chamber music en- sembles in Denmark. On the same occasion MYTHOS was awarded a special prize for the best performance of contemporary music. MYTHOS has played at festivals in among other countries The Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia. The duo plays a highly varied repertoire with transcriptions of works by among others Stravinsky, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky, as well as brand new works written for them by Danish composers like Martin Lohse, Jesper Koch and Bo Andersen. The two musicians play custom-made ac- cordions from Pigini, a model that only exists in 33 copies.


Live Dates

21/06/2012   Bornholms Tidende

Kasper Rofelt: The song I'll never sing - Works for Accordion
"Denne cd udstiller en smuk balance mellem det teknisk virtuose, indbygget i kompositionerne, og det udadvendte kunstneriske."
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01/04/2012   Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

Kasper Rofelt: The song I'll never sing - værker for accordeon
5/6 Hjerter

"På denne portræt-cd sendes akkordeon-vindene af sted i alle retninger, og der væltes uafbrudt mure, så spillerummet flot udvider sig."
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Photo: www.mythosduo.com


The song I'll never sing - Works for Accordion
The song I'll never sing - Works for Accordion
Kasper Rofelt

CD 8.226564 (2012)

Magical new music written specifically for the young accordion virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen. Minimalistic and virtuosic all at the same time.

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