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Morten E. Nørskov   (Born 1967)


Morten E . Nørskov, born in 1967, is an editor of literary periodicals including Graf. Studied Comparative Literature, Danish and English. He made his literary debut in 2002 with Styr på dyr, a dream about children for adults, and in 2006 this was followed by the novel Mand i uddrag. Most recently he has written the work Kviksølvsmongolen.

Live Dates

01/05/2011   Ritmo

Morten S. Danielsen: Donalds09
4/4 Stars

"El desafío a lo bien hecho y la casi desesperación que hay en esas grotescas rupturas nos mantiene atados."
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25/11/2010   Politiken

Morten Skovgaard Danielsen: Donalds09
"Skiftevis rædselsfuldt, smukt, uudholdeligt og dragende trækkes lytteren gennem en oplevelse af de mere udfordrende."
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05/11/2010   Gapplegate Music Review

Morten Skovgaard Danielsen: Donalds09
"It surely should not be ignored by anyone who wants to embrace what is new ... It may be a milestone."
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Morten S. Danielsen

CD 8.226563 (2010)

A surreal and suicidal chamber opera in a variety of styles and expressions by the late Morten S. Danielsen

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